Woman hit teen with her car, NYPD say


A Long Island woman has been arrested after intentionally driving her SUV into a teenage boy, according to the Suffolk County Police Department.

A New York woman has been arrested after being accused of deliberately hitting a teenager with her car, police said.

The 35-year-old woman from Shirley, a hamlet on Long Island about 65 miles east of New York, approached a group of teenagers near a parking lot on October 7, according to a statement from the Suffolk County Police Department.

She wanted to confront them about an altercation involving her son, according to the statement.

The group of teenagers dispersed and the woman intentionally hit a 15-year-old boy with her SUV before driving off, police said.

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital and did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, the statement said.

The woman’s attorney, Katherine Fernandez, told McClatchy News that since moving to the area two years ago, her son has been constantly bullied at school. She received a call from her son on the morning of October 7 saying he had been attacked by a group of children when he got off the bus.

“He was knocked out,” Fernandez said. “His brand new Yeezy slides were taken,” and he had “bruises all over his face.”

The woman made numerous attempts to resolve the issue with the school, but “they didn’t do anything,” Fernandez said.

“I know the police were saying the children were scattering when she arrived,” she added. “That’s not my information and actually I think it was still kind of a chaotic scene.”

The Suffolk County prosecutor’s office did not immediately respond to a McClatchy News request for comment.

The woman was arrested and charged with second-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an incident without reporting the injury, the statement said.

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