Winchester City Council Planning Officers Decisions This Week

WINCHESTER City Council planning officials denied one request this week while another was withdrawn.

Annette Britton’s plan was turned down for the construction of three detached dwellings, altering existing accesses and associated landscaping and parking on the land west of Canterbury Cottages, Chaucer Close in South Wonston.

The withdrawn request was brought by Riccardo Simonato, at 7 Egbert Road, Hyde, for a lateral return extension.

All other requests have been authorized by the town planners.

An application was authorized for an applicant named Parker for a temporary aerial tower on the site of the existing fire station, Lower Lane, Bishop’s Waltham for the duration of the construction of the replacement fire station.

Dean Stoneman had an authorized request for the first floor back / side extensions, first floor balconies, roof modifications and front porch extension at Three Oaks Kennels, Botley Road in Bishop’s Waltham.

In Colden Common, Mr. and Mrs. Haslam may have the extension and modification of a detached house and the supply of a new carport opened at Tudor House, Wardle Road.

Dr and Mrs Goddard’s request for a one-story rear extension with raised terrace and chimney flue has been granted at Arnewood, Brickmakers Road, Colden Common.

A plan submitted by an officer received a legal development certificate for solar panels at the Worlds End pumping station, Apless Lane.

At Harestock, Mark French may have a two story side extension and a single extension at 86 Priors Dean Road.

Matthew Quinnell’s plan was approved for the side and rear one-storey extension, front elevation changes, and conversion of the attic with dormer window at 19 Abbotts Ann Road.

In Littleton, Liam Denny’s modified plans were authorized for the demolition of a garage and the erection of a two-story extension, modifications to elevation materials, a one-story rear extension with the installation a new wood stove and flue; and the replacement of the existing septic tank with water treatment unit at Chestnuts, Deane Down Drove.

Mr. and Mrs. Page can demolish a cottage, bungalow and garage and erect a new home with integrated garage and associated landscaping and septic tank in Alderley, Deane Down Drove.

In Alresford, Mr. and Mrs. Shaw’s request for accommodation on land off New Farm Road was granted.

Richard Nichols had an authorized request for changes to plan 20/02465 / HOU at 35A Nursery Road.

The plan submitted by David Exelby was cleared for a solar panel with 32 solar panels at Southdowns Lodge, Basingstoke Road.

Andrew Hatcher, of 5 Hall Court, Botley Road, Shedfield, can replace the existing carport.

At Soberton, Mr. Needham can build an oak-framed orangery; rear utility extension and install a window on the existing 8 hundred acre first floor side elevation.

Mr and Mrs Fogg, at Sparsholt, may have extensions and alterations of two floors as well as the removal of the outbuilding, the closure of an existing access and the creation of a new access to Burntwood Cottage, Home Lane.

Mr. Stubbington had an Authorized Legal Development Certificate for the conversion of a roof space with a rear skylight at 9 Brickyard Road, Swanmore.

In Wickham, Annette McKeown had a cleared request for a one-story side extension at Meadow View, Hoads Hill.

In Winchester, Matthew Oliver may have a ground floor and loft extension at 48 Monks Road, Hyde.

Two requests were authorized for work to be carried out at the Winchester Royal Hotel on St Peter’s Street, submitted by Gemma Lang. One concerned the management of car parks and the second the signage of 13 car parks mounted on lighting poles and sign posts.

Mr. and Mrs. Degnarain have authorized a work request at 6 Barnes Close.

James Ashby can change the color of the exterior walls of the main floor from beige / green to pink, the pink paint of the window and door frames, the commercial signage and the inclusion of the hanging signage at 29 St Thomas Street.

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