Why Sanditon Season 2 Might Be More Enjoyable Than Season 1 Despite The First Tragedy

Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 premiere of sandit on PBS.

sandit the fans have been waiting through years of uncertainty for period drama to return and reveal what would happen next for Charlotte Heywood after Season 1 ended with her heart broken and the man she loved engaged to another woman. Fans got some very good news with the announcement that the series had been renewed for not one but two more seasons, although it came with the bad news that Theo James would not be returning to reprise his role as Sidney. . The Season 2 premiere revealed that sandit followed the tragic path of say goodbye to Sidney by killing him offscreenbut I already think season 2 might end up being more enjoyable overall.

Of course, a single episode of sanditThe second season of has aired so far, but the first was enough to debut new characters, establish the new status quo after the seaside town was rebuilt, and reveal how Charlotte handled Sidney’s wedding, and then his death, and there are a few. main reasons why I am optimistic about season 2.

Sanditon Season 1 Theo James as Sidney Parker

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Sanditon pays tribute to Sidney without stopping Charlotte

Until the end of the premiere, it seemed that sandit had simply decided to write out Theo James’ character by conveniently killing him with yellow fever off-screen, but it’s become clear there’s more to the story. No one knows yet why he was in Antigua, but there is a connection to Georgiana Lambe. His family hasn’t forgotten him or given up on learning all they can about his final days, which suits the former male lead who played a pivotal role in much of Season 1. .

At the same time, Charlotte moves on with her life, though she still mourns his death and the life she dreamed of for them. The tragedy of what happened to Sidney does not overshadow how much she was hurt by him, to the point that she doesn’t want to get married at all now because she never wants to be under the power of a man. She was completely helpless at the end of Season 1; she won’t let that happen again. sandit does both characters as much justice as possible, and that may mean a fun-loving Charlotte moving forward rather than a heartbroken Charlotte standing still.

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Sanditon Might Plan Season 3 Ahead

The show scored a season 3 order at the same time as season 2, when there was no guarantee during season 1 – or even for some time after – that there was a future beyond. beyond Sidney breaking Charlotte’s heart. Even though things looked grim on some fronts when Season 2 premiered, fans can rest assured that the sandit the team was able to look ahead and plan ahead. Lead Writer Justin Young said TV Insider:

We were able to draw a very long arc. There are elements in Episode 1 of Season 2 that pay off in the final episode of Season 3.

Of course, that’s not to say that Sidney’s death will get any less sad or that Esther will make her happily ever after with a baby and Babington after all, but sandit can play a long game this time. It won’t be the end of the world if Season 2 ends on a sad note like Season 1, and having a plan in place can only be a good thing to continue these characters’ stories.

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There are many new characters

sandit Season 2 kicked off fast enough that fans may not have had much time to dwell too much on Sidney’s absence, and that has a lot to do with the new characters. Alison Heywood brings some of the starry-eyed naivety that Charlotte brought to Season 1, and the premiere featured so many eligible young men it seems there are many love interests for everyone. The whole garrison of officers stationed at Sanditon means there will be plenty of redcoats walking around, and it’s safe to say that Charlotte will have her hands full as governess.

The newcomers are definitely not going to be all fan favorites, and I was trying to get Alison to stop talking more than once during the premiere just to spare Charlotte some of her discomfort, but the series is full of people and events to push the story forward despite starting the season with a major tragedy.

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I learned my lesson from season 1

I can’t speak for everyone, but part of the reason I was so frustrated at the end of season 1 was because I assumed a Jane Austen adaptation should have a Jane Austen happy ending . Like someone who has read Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Emma, and the rest of Austen’s finished novels, I fully expected, even at the low point of Season 1, that everything would go well by the end of the finale. Surely Sidney would somehow redeem himself and become Charlotte’s Darcy or Captain Wentworth or Mr. Knightley. Or at least revealed to be a Wickham or a Willoughby, with the real hero on the way!

Well, I’ve since learned my lesson about getting into sandit with all expectations. It’s not so much an adaptation of Jane Austen as the continuation of an unfinished Austen story that goes in very different directions than anything the author herself would ever have written. sandit may pack all the brooding widowers, charming officers, and unconventional entertainers into season 2, but I’m going to avoid trying to apply Austen’s ideals to the new episodes, and that might make for a more enjoyable experience in the future. together as season 1.

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Sidney Dying might be the best thing for season 2

When I didn’t think sandit would actually kill Sidney to write Theo James, I actually think that might have been the best decision for the show as it moves forward with season 2 and season 3. Sidney’s death means viewers – like Charlotte – must anticipate the future, not hope that a happiness forever can still occur between the two characters. If Theo James wasn’t going to come back and sandit wasn’t going to recast itthen killing Sidney offers some closure to a story that needed it, even if it’s not the kind of triumphant closure that many fans no doubt wanted after the end of Season 1.

All things considered, I’d say things are looking up for Season 2 of sandit though it started on a tragic note that cast a mystery as to what Sidney was doing in Antigua. Find out how the second season continues to compare to the first with new episodes of sandit Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on PBS in the 2022 TV Schedulewhere to get a preview of new episodes with some streaming options.

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