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People from all over have discovered the delights of the East End’s wineries, with their tasty, unique wines and fun atmosphere, but the region offers more than can be enjoyed in a single visit.

Here to help local wine route travelers get the most out of their trip is the Passport to the East End Wineriesa brand new guide published by Dan’s papers in partnership with the owners of Peconic Bay Vineyards in Cutchogue.

The book is designed to be a resource for first-time visitors and seasoned wine lovers alike. It offers information on each of the dozens of local wineries, which ones are open for wine tastings, information on the different types of wines produced in the region and more.

In addition to detailed information on all of our wineries in the area, it also includes a helpful map showing where visitors can find each winery in the Hamptons and on the North Fork.

It’s simply a must-read for wine lovers visiting the Twin Forks in search of their new favorite varieties.

We spoke with Stacey Soloviev, Director of Community Relations for Peconic Bay Vineyards, and Victoria Schneps-Yunis, Founding President of Dan’s papers parent company Schneps Media, on what inspired them to team up on the East End Wine Passport.

Passport to the East End Wineries – one Conversation

What is the Passport to the East End Wineries?

Solovyov: A guide to all the amazing places in our area to try. This region has an incredible selection of vineyards.

What made you want to post this?

Solovyov: Being part of the East End wine community, I wanted to bring our community together. I always eat at the Cutchogue Diner and everyone always asks me which winery to visit on North Fork. The Passport will serve as a guide in answering this question.

Schneps-Yunis: Our company featured World’s Fare where we showcased restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, and diners loved having the guide. We thought it would be a powerful way to guide people to the East End. Have a Passport will get the word out about all the great wineries here.

How is this guide different from other wine guides?

Solovyov: It’s an in-depth look at each winery’s operations and offerings. The variety and selections are truly amazing.

Where can readers find the Passport?

Schneps-Yunis: It is distributed to locations on the South Fork, North Fork, and in Manhattan. They can also be picked up at 2036 County Road 39 in Southampton.

Find the digital edition of our Passport to the East End Wineries here.

Peconic Bay Vineyards is located at 31320 Main Road in Cutchogue. For more information, call 631-735-9192, email [email protected] or visit peconicbayvineyards.com.

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