Week 7 – “The Opening Spell”

First ball – Death, taxes, and Devlin Malone taking wickets! The ever-reliable legs of Sydney University rallied 6-93 on Saturday as the ‘Students’ toppled Western Suburbs and climbed into the top four of the Belvidere Cup competition. The next day, Malone would again produce the merchandise taking his 3rd five wickets (5-7) on the season and earning a 148-run Kingsgrove Sports T20 Cup win over Fairfield-Liverpool. The University of Sydney star already has 25 wickets to his name this year!

Second ball – Get the ball rolling! Campbelltown – Camden’s Dilki Senanayake facilitated his third-year side’s first win of the season, taking 5-11 from 4 overs against Sydney.

Third ball – “Glad he’s on our team” – from the third year side of the northern district, probably. Jonty Webb came on and featured in the Northern District third year clash against Fairfield Liverpool, scoring 89* with the Willow and 5-12 with the Pill! The Northern District claimed the points.

Fourth ball – What’s better than a 5-fa? Bankstown’s Zane Mitchell claimed 7-48 numbers in his team’s sophomore matchup against Manly Warringah. Isaac Earl of Parramatta ended his day with 7-15 against Campbelltown-Camden. Sydney University’s Cooper Jones won 7-31 in a fifth-grade win over Western Suburbs. Mosman’s Charlie Dunnett showed off his bowling skills by winning 6-48 in a fifth grade win over Blacktown. Sydney University rookie Don Butchart went 6-67 in a 115-point sophomore win over Western Suburbs. Riley Davison’s 6-68 wasn’t enough to claim victory in East Suburbs’ fifth grade game against St George. Penrith’s Kayden Myburgh-Sisam5-29 was enough to earn fifth-year win over UNSW

Fifth ball – Back to back to back! Grace Dignam of the Northern District reached a half-century in three straight freshman games, having lifted the bat for a well-done 59 (59) over the weekend. Gordon’s Olivia Callaghan will attempt the same feat this weekend after scoring 84* and 57* in her final two sophomore runs!

Sixth ball – Applause from the bat sponsor! Josh Clarke scored 135 (253) in Round 4 of the West Suburb Belvidere Cup against Sydney University. It was Clarke’s 22n/a freshman century, the most by any current player.

second plus

First ball – What do you mean no one won? After Mosman’s record 8d-521 total last week, you would have thought the ‘Whales’ were in for a dominating victory in the fourth round. It wasn’t as a century of Will Affleck (129) and an unbeaten last wicket of 40 by Jack Blatherwick (44*) and number 11 Jeremy Nunan (9*) saw Blacktown (9-385) escape with a thrilling draw against the defending Belvidere Cup champions.

Second ball – Scary times for Thunder Conference bowlers! Nick Carruthers has played in two of Bankstown’s first three Kingsgrove Sports T20 games. In those two games, Carruthers had 202 points – 103* (54) and 99 (38) – on a total of 92 face balls. These destructive displays included 14 fours and 17 sixes!

Third ball – Have a weekend, Stirling! Mosman has unearthed a short-form superstar in Stirling McAvoy. The opener started Sunday with a 125-for-57 (11 fours, 9 sixes) inning in Whale’s Poidevin-Gray game and finished the day with a 60-for-39 (5 ​​fours, 4 sixes) run. in the first -grade T20 binding against UNSW.

Fourth ball – The captain’s effort!

– North district Lachlan Shaw (c) hit 100* on 47 deliveries including 11 fours and five 6s in a Poidevin-Gray win over Hawkesbury.

– Universities sophomore captain Rebecca Green (c) caught 4-2 from 4 overs in a close loss to Penrith

– UTS North Sydney’s Patrick Lindsay (c) finished with numbers of 5-79 in his team’s third-year win over Gordon.

– Shiloh Y Julien (c) hit 69 carries from 106 balls as his UTS Brewer Shield team took victory over Bankstown

– Blacktown Mounties’ Travis Hayes (c) took 6-49 in a narrow victory over Mosman’s fourth-year squad.

Fifth ball – Safe as houses! Lachlan Stewart had 6 catches in UTS North Sydney’s sophomore win over Gordon.

Sixth ball – Last Suspense Ball! Sydney and Manly Warringah played an epic first year as Sydney held on for a 1 set victory! Gizelle Plummer took the winning wicket on the very last ball of the match!

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