Voter data shows GOP registration up in Staten Island

The Staten Island GOP is certain the borough will become big for them after a massive rally on the South Shore this week for Rep. Lee Zeldin — the Republican gubernatorial candidate — Rep. Nicole Malliotakis and others on their ticket.

“And are we ready to defeat Max Rose again?” Malliotakis invited the crowd on Tuesday to applaud.

Republicans have insisted that Staten Island is now less of a swing neighborhood and more of a dependable Republican neighborhood, spurred, they said, by the Democratic Party’s leftward shift.

What do you want to know

  • There’s a rematch going on in New York’s 11th congressional district between Rep. Nicole Malliotakis and former Rep. Max Rose.
  • Staten Island’s Republican and Democratic parties plan ‘get out the vote’ pushes this weekend
  • Rose continues to highlight Malliotakis’ votes against gun safety while continuing to focus on crime as a whole

“They gave up most of the things that people who live in dorms like this enjoy,” City Councilman Joe Borelli told NY1 recently. “So I predict that unless the party, their party, makes a total of 180, they’re not going to have a chance in one of the biggest counties in the state.”

Recently released state data shows Richmond County has turned redder.

There are 11,145 more active voters registered as Republicans now than there were at this point in the last gubernatorial election cycle in 2018.

There are 542 fewer active voters registered as Democrats.

And there are 10,442 additional voters registered in blank.

Overall, Democrats still outnumber Republicans: 125,868 to 97,911.

Staten Island Democratic Party Chairman and State Assemblyman Michael Cusick said the borough has a “vibrant two-partisan system.”

He told NY1 that Democrats hold a registration advantage because “we continue to appoint and support qualified, common-sense officials for elections. Our candidates for Congress, Senate, Assembly and the Judiciary have extensive experience and put quality of life issues at the forefront.

Democratic congressional candidate Rose, who held the House seat before Malliotakis, recently described his home borough this way: “What has always been is Staten Island independence. This is a place that puts flag first, county first, service first, just wants common sense solutions to the problems people are facing.

Rose recently sought to highlight Malliotakis’ votes against gun safety.

Malliotakis continued to focus on crime more broadly.

Republicans have argued that a good portion of registered Democrats, including so-called Reagan Democrats, are now with them.

“You have a really family-oriented, entrepreneurial, working-class community here,” said Sen. Andrew Lanza. “So whether you’re a Democrat or a registered Republican, I think there’s some sort of agreement on what we value here as Staten Islanders.”

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