Traffic risk concerns raised by flooding issues on Scottish rural road

Flooding issues outside a store in the Trossachs are causing a traffic hazard and affecting commerce, according to management.

Trossachs Woolen Mill in Kilmahog said the source of the problem was tree roots in a culvert under the adjacent A84 and store car park.

Flooding began last October and on one occasion sandbags had to be placed outside the front door of the store during heavy rain. The most recent flood incident occurred early last month.

Road management company BEAR Scotland and Scottish Water have looked into the matter.

Margaret Brown, Property Maintenance Administrator at Trossachs Woolen Mill, said: ‘There is a serious traffic hazard at the entrance with vehicles intending to drive into the car park, slowing and partially blocking the main road while weighing the risk of crossing the flood. There is a high potential for a serious road accident.

The Woolen Mill said the cause of the flooding was tree roots in a drainage culvert under the A84 road and their car park.

Ms Brown added: ‘At first we thought the problem would be easily solved so we arranged for an industrial drainage company to come to the site to suck up as much water as possible and dump the drain to alleviate flooding.

“The drainage company informed us that there was a large blockage in the culvert, causing a bottleneck in the flow and drainage of water from the site.

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“After carrying out their own investigation, BEAR Scotland have informed us that the source of the problem was/is a huge mass of tree roots trapped in the culvert under the car park and road.

“They told us the root mass was on the grounds of Woolen Mill, in front of the car park. However, a separate investigation we conducted confirmed that the root mass is below the road, but is so large that it extends along the culvert on our land.

Trossachs Woolen Mill also insisted trade had plummeted as customers struggled to access the store when the area was flooded.

Ms Brown added: ‘There were several occasions where coach drivers drove to the site, decided their passengers would get their feet wet trying to enter the store, and turned around and are gone.

“On one occasion, five coaches had to stop along the side entrance to the store so that their passengers could get off the coach directly into the store rather than soaking their feet because the water was approaching the ankle height.”

A spokesman for BEAR Scotland said this week: ‘We are aware of this matter and have undertaken drainage investigations to establish the cause of the problems found at the Woolen Mill. We will continue to engage with Woolen Mill and Scottish Water to push a resolution forward.”

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of this issue and are carrying out further investigations and liaising with partner organizations to determine if there are any issues with Scottish Water’s infrastructure in the region. If so, appropriate action will be taken. »

This week Trossachs and Teith Councilor Martin Earl called on BEAR Scotland and Scottish Water to work together. He said: ‘The owners of the woolen mill have contacted me about their continuing problems with resolving this flooding issue.

“There have already been extensive investigations and it appears there is a blockage of drains under the road.

“It is important that Scottish Water and BEAR Scotland work together and resolve the issue that is causing problems for the business.”

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