Tired locals decorate an abandoned car in a disabled parking lot for five months for Valentine’s Day

Weary Callander residents have taken matters into their own hands by decorating a long-abandoned car for Valentine’s Day to draw attention to their plight.

In September last year, we told how there were calls for the abandoned car in a disabled parking space to be towed away.

The vehicle was dumped in the parking spot outside the town post office and residents demanded that the vehicle be removed, fearing it could cause safety issues for disabled motorists.

The car is believed to have been left behind on Station Road since September 20, 2021.

Now, five months later, desperate locals are still appealing to Stirling Council and Police Scotland to remove the neglected engine. On Valentine’s Day, unknown activists took matters into their own hands and covered the car with handmade love hearts.

Residents’ appeals to Stirling Council and Police Scotland to take action proved unsuccessful, with both claiming they lacked the powers to remove the car.

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Trossachs and Teith Tory Councilor Martin Earl championed the cause of annoyed residents by attempting to have the car removed.

Councilor Martin Earl and Calum Menzies of the Callander Post Office

This week he said: ‘It’s become a joke. There is clearly a big loophole in current legislation that allows a vehicle to occupy a disabled bay for months. At this rate, there will be Easter decorations everywhere.

‘It prevents people from parking in a designated area and it is ridiculous that the police and the council have to wait for something like the car tax to expire before they can do anything about it.’

A Stirling Council spokesman said this week: “The vehicle is road legal and therefore the council have no power to withdraw it.

“Penalty Notices (PCNs) have been issued due to the vehicle being parked in a disabled bay without a valid blue badge.”

Stirling Area Access Panel is a group of volunteers, including people with disabilities, working to improve physical access and social inclusion within the community.

In November last year, in response to the abandoned car saga, Chairman Robert Dick said: “It is quite ridiculous that an abandoned vehicle would cause such a disturbance to this one important accessible parking area.

“Many elderly and disabled users will not be able to use key Swiss Post services without close access to them.”

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