The Conservatives hold Bexley council with 33 seats won in local elections

Crook Log Recreation Centre, Bexleyheath, NS

BEXLEY Council will still be under Conservative control after the 2022 local elections.

St Mary’s and St James, Bexley, Falconwood and Welling, Longlands, West Heath, Blendon and Penhill, Crayford, East Wickham, Crook Log, Bexleyheath, Sidcup and Blackfen have all seen conservative hits.

The Conservatives won 33 of a possible 45 seats.

The Labor Party came second with 12 seats (44%).

These were at Northumberland Heath, Thamesmead East, Erith, Belvedere, Slade Green and Northend.

The Conservatives won 34 seats and Labor 11 in the previous election in 2018.

Here is a breakdown of the Bexley Borough results:

Barnehurst: Barnehurst ward re-elected two Conservative candidates, Brian Bishop and Howard Jackson, with 1,637 and 1,539 votes.

St Mary and St James: The St Mary’s and St James ward elected two Conservative candidates, Kurtis Christoforides and Cameron James Smith, with 1,591 and 1,506 votes.

Northumberland Heath: Northumberland Heath ward elected two Labor candidates, Baljeet Singh Gill and Wendy Jane Perfect with 1,361 and 1,345 votes.

East Thamesmead: Thamesmead East ward elected three Labor candidates, Larry Ferguson, Zainab Olamide Asunramu and Mabel Ogundayo with 1,703, 1,678 and 1,661 votes.

Falconwood and Welling: Falconwood and Welling ward elected three Conservative candidates, Nigel Patrick Betts, Andrew James Curtois and Frazer Lewis Brooks with 2,047, 1,894 and 1,795 votes.

Longlands: The borough of Longlands elected two Conservative candidates Lisa-Jane Moore and Andy Dourmush with 1,504 and 1,347 votes.

West moor: West Heath ward elected three Conservative Party candidates Peter Robert Marryat, John Charles Davey and Philip David Read with 2,389, 2,328 and 2,283 votes.

Belvedere: Belvedere ward elected three Labor candidates Sally Hinkley, Esther Asarebea Amaning and Daniel Francis with 2,033, 1,998 and 1,956 votes.

Blendon and Penhill: The borough of Blendon and Penhill elected three Conservative Party candidates, Patrick Antony Adams, Nick O’Hare and David Leaf with 2,267, 2,040 and 2,012 votes.

Slade Green and Northend neighborhood: The borough of Slade Green and Northend elected two Labor Party candidates, Stefano Borella and Anna Roberta Day with 1,220 and 1,213 votes.

Crayford: Crayford ward elected three Conservative candidates, Melvin Norman Seymour, Geraldene Anne Lucia-Hennis and Felix Di Netimah with 1,890, 1,872 and 1,717 votes.

East Wickham: East Wickham ward elected three Conservative candidates, Steven Frederick Hall, Caroline Newton and Christine Margaret Catterall with 1,967, 1,794 and 1,774 votes.

Scammer log: Crook Log ward elected three Conservative Party candidates, Teresa Ann Jude O’Neil, Janice Ward-Wilson and Christopher James Martin Taylor with 2,317, 2,154 and 2,077 votes.

Bexleyheath: Bexleyheath ward elected three Tory members, Sue Gowe, Bola Carew and Rags Sandhu with 2,364, 2,154 and 1,983 votes.

Sidecup: Sidcup ward elected three Conservative members, June Elizabeth Slaughter, Cheryl Bacon and Richard Thornton Diment with 1,828, 1,818 and 1,815 votes.

Blackfen & Lamorbey: Blacken and Lamorbey ward elected three Conservative MPs, James Kenneth Albert Hunt, Peter Harold Craske and Cafer Munur with 2,199, 2,185 and 1,924 votes.

Erith: Erith ward elected two Labor members, Christopher Ball and Nicola Taylor with 1,512 and 1,469 votes.

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