The Best Wineries to Visit Outside of New York

Far from the busy avenues and yellow taxis, it’s a whole other world.

Long Island’s North Fork is scenic and quiet. It is surrounded on both sides by beaches, while roads wind through farmland. Fruit and flower stalls dot the sides of the road, and many work on an honor-to-buy system. Oyster farms are a dime a dozen, some of which you can find selling and shucking fresh produce by the roadside.

The North Fork is also home to Long Island Wine Country, home to more than 60 wineries and tasting rooms that consistently produce remarkable wines and raise the stakes on the wine tasting experience a hop, hop, and hop away from New York.

“Our location, just over two hours from New York City and conveniently located between two bodies of water – Long Island Sound and Peconic Bay – makes the North Fork as beautiful as it is accessible,” says Gabriela Macari of Macari Vineyards. “It may not be a place where you expect to find quality winemaking, but we are here to make it happen and push the boundaries of what this region can do.”

However, it’s no secret that Long Island wines don’t always get their due when stacked against other wines from around the world. And, with the Finger Lakes also in New York, the competition is tough. Long Island wines are distinctly unique and are beginning to gain more attention from the wine world for a range of reasons. However, to take advantage of the East End wine tour, Marin Brennan, winemaker at Corey Creek Consumption Hallnotes that new or first-time visitors should keep an open mind when tasting wines from this region in order to fully appreciate them.

“The wines from our region will taste different, and that’s because of the cool maritime climate we have,” she says. “So our characteristics are going to be different from other regions, even though it’s the same grape variety. We want to be known for producing terroir-focused wines that truly showcase a sense of place. »

And, adds Macari, there will be something for every type of wine drinker on the North Fork, from beginner to experienced drinker. “There is an impressive amount of diversity when it comes to varietals on Long Island, in addition to cutting-edge winemaking.”

Yes, wine is front and center, says Ken Cereola, CEO of Peconic Bay Vineyards, but that’s not all the area has to offer. “Long Island is among the best for those looking for a full experience of all that a wine country has to offer. Incredible vineyards, historic farmland, gorgeous beaches and local restaurants bring the wines from the vineyard to the table.”

While pillars like Paumanok, McCall, Lenz, and Point Clovis are always great stops for tastings, several wineries offer a one-of-a-kind experience in conjunction with delicious wine. Here are a few that will give you an extra warm welcome to Long Island Wine Country.

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