Sylvie shares hypnotic new single “Dull The Shimmer”

The multi-talented London artist pulls it off with another idiosyncratic electronic cut.

There’s a lot to unpack in Sylvie’s amazing sound space. “I never fell out of favor, I just took someone else’s place,” they claim in their second track of the year ahead of an upcoming debut EP. The moody, busy track is driven by the alchemical textures of the synth and heavy bass production, with Sylvie’s acidic, lyrical personality and the extended rhythms channeled captivatingly through a vocoder.

A graduate of the University of Suffolk, Sylvie studied songwriting, as well as training in piano, voice and composition, with these long-standing skills now imbued with their adept ability to compose complex songs. They not only show their natural ability as a persuasive leader of their work, but also, it is authorship, in the distinctive direction they have independently established.

With their debut EP “Particles of Paranoia” on the way, set to explore the coming of age, breaking cycles, and unshakable narratives of mental illness and mental health services, “Dull The Shimmer” leaves us wanting more.

Go below to immerse yourself in Sylvie’s hypnotic universe right now…

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