Suffolk solicitor advises on business visa options

Sohan Sidhu, partner and head of immigration at Ellisons Solicitors, shares his advice.

When looking to start a business in the UK, there are a number of visa options that can be considered. Options include:

A start-up visa

This is for people looking to set up an innovative new business in the UK and this pathway would specifically benefit entrepreneurs looking to establish a business in the UK for the first time.

The person will be able to set up and run a business in the UK and their initial visa will normally be valid for a period of two years.

As part of the application process, the individual will need to obtain prior approval from a Home Office approved approval body, who will need to be satisfied that the business idea is innovative. If successful, the approval body will issue an approval letter and this will be required when applying for a visa and complying with all other immigration rules, including the mandatory language requirement English.

Innovative Visa

Unlike the Start-up visa, this visa is designed for experienced entrepreneurs looking to set up an innovative new business in the UK.

Again the applicant will need approval from a Home Office approved approving body and they will also need to provide proof that they have funds of at least £50,000 available to invest in his potential business in the UK.

Unlike the Start-up visa, the Innovator visa will be issued for three years and, although it can be extended, it is also possible to apply for indefinite leave to stay (establishment) after three years if all eligibility criteria are met. full. .

East Anglian Daily Times: Sohan Sidhu, Partner and Head of Immigration at Ellisons SolicitorsSohan Sidhu, Partner and Head of Immigration at Ellisons Solicitors (Photo: Paul Cudmore)

UK Expansion Worker Visa

This visa is a relatively new addition to UK visa itineraries and is part of the Global Business Mobility Visa scheme. The route is designed for overseas workers undertaking temporary work assignments in the UK and the person will need to be a senior manager or specialist employee coming to the UK to establish an entity linked to the overseas company through the through common property.

Unlike the Start-up and Innovator visas, this route is a sponsored route and will require the company to apply for and obtain a sponsorship license from corporate headquarters.

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The applicant will initially be issued a visa valid for one year, which can then be extended for another year from inside the UK, but after two years the applicant will need to switch to another visa category in order to continue working United Kingdom.

The immigration landscape in the UK is changing rapidly. For further advice on the above visa categories contact Sohan Sidhu on 01284 763333.

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