Suffolk man sentenced to 18 after rape and attempted murder of woman


SUFFOLK COUNTY, NY – A Medford man was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the rape and attempted murder of a woman in April 2020 in Kings Park, Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy D. Sini.

Mark Reyes, 44, pleaded guilty on July 16 to several counts, including attempted murder and rape.

“This defendant subjected the victim to two days of psychological terror and physical violence and put several other people – including children – at risk during this tear of violence,” Sini said in a press release. “It was a nightmare for the victim and his family. Nothing can take away the pain and trauma inflicted by this individual, but it is a significant prison sentence that holds him accountable for his actions. I want to thank Deputy Prosecutor Melissa Grier for her painstaking work and care in pursuing this case, and the many police officers and Good Samaritans who risked their safety to apprehend this dangerous individual. “

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Reyes was sentenced on Tuesday to 18 years in prison with 10 years of post-release supervision.

On April 25, 2020, Reyes was at a Kings Park house with a woman who was previously known to him and her two children. At 8 p.m. Reyes started arguing with the woman, then he grabbed his cell phone and turned off Wi-Fi and other electronics in the house, preventing him from calling 911.

Find out what’s happening in Kings Park with free real-time Patch updates.

Reyes then assaulted and raped the woman while occasionally brandishing a knife he found in the kitchen. He also threatened to kill or harm her and her children. Reyes restrained the victim against her will during the night by tying her wrist to hers with a phone charger cord to make sure she couldn’t leave.

The next morning, the woman asked Reyes to remind her of her phone to call her outside of work. She sent several messages to acquaintances to contact the police for her. When Reyes saw the messages, while in the presence of the woman’s children, Reyes again threatened to maim or kill the woman. The woman told one of the children to run to a neighbor for help, and the neighbor called 911.

The woman set off the panic alarm in her car and Reyes then physically assaulted her, including repeatedly stabbing her in the face with a knife. The woman escaped from the house and entered a neighbor’s house with her two children.

Reyes fled the house and kicked the back door of a neighboring house on Rumford Road at 9:35 a.m. on April 26, 2020.

Officers from the emergency services section of the Suffolk County Police Department and members of the hostage negotiation team attended the house. Officers from the emergency services section were able to enter the house and secure a 77-year-old woman who lived in the house to safety while Reyes barricaded herself in an upstairs bathroom. The woman was not injured.

At 5:45 p.m., after eight hours of attempted negotiations, officers from the Emergency Services Section arrested Reyes.

Reyes pleaded guilty to attempted murder (a Class B felony); first degree assault (a class B felony); first degree rape (a Class B felony); first degree criminal sex act (a Class B felony); second-degree aggravated sexual abuse (a class C felony); second degree burglary (a Class C felony); second degree assault (a class D felony); aggravated criminal contempt (a class D felony); second degree criminal mischief (a class D felony); two counts of unlawful second-degree imprisonment (one class A misdemeanor); criminal obstruction of breathing (a class A misdemeanor); fourth degree criminal mischief (a class A misdemeanor); two counts of endangering the well-being of a child (a class A misdemeanor); and second-degree threatening (a class A misdemeanor).

Reyes was represented by Michael Brown.

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