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Sisters Alice Leet-Cook and Rosie Turner created the Hicks and Brown accessory brand in 2014, with a focus on headgear.

And they quickly won over a crowd of high profile fans, including the Duchess of Cambridge, who wore their Suffolk Fedora.

Noticing a gap in the modern country clothing market, they began to design clothes for themselves and their friends, both working from the kitchen table.

Now they have a team and operate from a farm building on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds.

The new summer collection from Hicks and Brown consists of three different styles: Fedora Hemley, Fedora Orford and Fedora Aldeburgh, with a choice of different colors in each style.

The Hemley Fedora in Natural, Cream and Navy, £ 74 each
– Credit: Hicks and Brown

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This year has been very stay-focused and Alice and Rosie knew they wanted their latest collection to reflect that and take inspiration from British coastal design.

This is where two of their styles are; the Hemleys and Orfords enter.

The Hemley Fedora (Natural), £ 74.00

The Hemley Fedora (Natural) 79 €
– Credit: Hicks and Brown

Both move away from the Aldeburgh’s original feather design for a more laid-back, less country feel, while ensuring that they retain their primary focus of being timeless classics.

The Aldeburgh Fedora (cream / black) by Hicks and Brown, £ 65

The Aldeburgh Fedora (cream / black), £ 65
– Credit: Hicks and Brown

In previous summer seasons, Hicks and Brown offered the Aldeburgh in a cream option with a black ribbon, but they wanted to develop it further and offer it in a new straw color, with the option of a brown ribbon.

The feathers used in this style make the hats more suited to their country lifestyle client, as well as being a perfect option for a rural stay.

The last of the three styles is the Orford Fedora, which has a choice of four trim colors, which add a fun and tasteful splash of color to the classically shaped summer hat.

The Orford Fedora (in dark pink, charcoal, cornflower blue and navy blue), by Hicks and Browneach £ 65

The Orford Fedora (in dark pink, charcoal, cornflower blue and navy blue), each £ 65
– Credit: Hicks and Brown

Cornflower blue and charcoal trims were Hicks and Brown’s most popular colors in 2020, so the brand decided to pursue them.

The Orford Fedora (cornflower blue ribbon) by Hicks and Brown, £ 65

The Orford Fedora (cornflower blue ribbon), £ 65
– Credit: Hicks and Brown

They also decided to add dark pink and navy blue colourways which are both new for this spring / summer.

The Orford Fedora (dark pink) by Hicks and Brown, £ 65

The Orford Fedora (dark pink), £ 65
– Credit: Hicks and Brown

The soft hues make them ideal to wear on the beach with a swimsuit, or more likely a cozy pastel sweater if the good British weather is a factor!

All Hicks and Brown hats are available in sizes XS to XL.

To view the complete SS21 collection, visit


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