Stories of historic Bannock Burn explored by Stirling adventurers

Stirling, United Kingdom, August 19, 2022 — ( — Winding from Earl’s Hill to the River Forth, following the Bannock Burn is a journey through the twists and turns of Scottish history. Over the centuries, its banks have seen dunes and pitchers, mills and lime kilns, Romans and redcoats, and much more. Its winding waters have powered industry, provided sustenance and witnessed incredible stories.

Stirling-based archaeologist Dr Murray Cook and local storyteller Ian McNeish have walked from the source of the Bannock Burn to where it meets the River Forth near Stirling, and want to tell the many remarkable stories of their journey . Some of these stories date back millennia, while others are considerably more modern. From the region’s unique geology and industrial heritage, to military engagements and truly incredible characters in history, they’re keen to explain why the Bannock Burn became arguably the most famous burn in the world.

Providing step-by-step instructions on how to retrace their steps, they have now produced a new book called “The Bannock Burn: Journeys Along and Across the World’s Most Famous Burn” which chronicles their findings – including amazing surprises such as a town lost, an American legend of the Alamo, the tale of a supposed witch, a recovered Spitfire, award-winning racehorses, fascinating stories of tartan and whiskey, an extraordinary secret clock and amazing archaeological finds.

“Murray and Ian have discovered a treasure trove of Scottish history,” said Julie Christie, director of Extremis Publishing which published the book. “Their findings are sure to fascinate anyone interested in the region and the people and events that have played a role in its long and storied history.” The book is fully illustrated with color photos, including maps for anyone wishing to follow the route in person.

As an archaeologist, Murray Cook discovered many new insights into his country’s past and, teaming up with veteran storyteller Ian McNeish, he brought to life the incredible events and people who lived in the region over the years. centuries. They hope to encourage new visitors to Stirling, confident that anyone who strolls along the banks of the Bannock Burn will discover Scotland’s history for themselves. The book will be released on Thursday, September 1, 2022. For more information, please visit the Extremis Publishing website at

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