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At the April 21 meeting, the Suffolk University Student Government Association discussed this year’s budget as well as next year’s budget, including funding for club budgets.

President Angela El-Jazzar began the meeting by introducing two members of the Aiken Student Government Association from the University of South Carolina. Students are part of an exchange program with Suffolk students and engage in community-focused initiatives. One of the representatives briefly described the differences in how their LMS works differently.

El-Jazzar also briefed the senators on recent events organized by the organization. Between the Q&A session with Mac Jones and the Spring Concert featuring Flo Rida, over 1,000 students attended the events. SGA’s annual blood drive produced 23 units of blood to be sent to the Red Cross, with more than 30 students participating.

An update of equipment replacement in the fitness center that will take place over the summer was also mentioned.

El-Jazzar commented on the presence of the Senate; the second consecutive meeting, the subject was mentioned.

“We need you to run the meeting, and the student body needs you constantly,” El-Jazzar said. She went on to say that the E-Board understands that Finals season is fast approaching.

Vice President Stephen Rykola announced that next week’s meeting would include a vote on revisions to the SJRB Bylaws as well as the SGA Constitution. The revisions to the SJRB would be permanent for three years and the revisions to the constitution would remain in place for four years.

The senate approved three meetings worth the minutes of secretary Tara Maltese.

Evan Weston, SGA Treasurer, announced the budget for the new year as well as budget cuts.

The initial budget requested for SGA was $455,000 and after cuts it was reduced to $394,500.

$60,000 was cut from the SGA budget between all categories. A total of 31 clubs have failed to submit a budget request, according to Weston.

Weston noted that this year there was a carryover of $500,000 from the 2020-21 school year due to the pandemic. This will not be the case for next year and, according to Weston, the finance committee had to make significant budget cuts.

“If you hear about the finance committee allocations for next year, just know that we tried to make it as fair as possible and spent a lot of time thinking about how everyone was going to have money. money next year,” Weston said. “Everyone has money and if you need more, there are co-sponsorships to be made and there are initiatives. Come to SGA and there will be funding for you.

Next year’s budget was approved unanimously.

During the open forum, Rykola recognized Vincent Tavanese as the senator for the class of 2022 veterans. He said it was the first time the position had been filled in four years. El-Jazzar also reminded the senate that the next meeting would feature Bob Lamb, chairman of the board of governors of Suffolk University.

Outside of Thursday’s meeting time, Steven Murnane, chairman of the diversity committee, resigned from the SGA on April 22, citing a lack of initiative as well as exclusion.

“I can’t help but reflect on the stories I’ve heard as chairman of the diversity committee and how I can continue to support marginalized students in Suffolk,” Murnane said. “Although we as a committee have worked hard to find solutions for these students, it is clear that the scope of the diversity committee under student government is not wide enough.”

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