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FULTON – Championship night on Saturday at Fulton Speedway saw the first feature film winners and new track champions.

Jackson Gill (Modified), Brett Sears and Chris Mackey (Sportsman), Chad Homan (Late Models), Josh Fellows (Novice Sportsman) and Jason Barney (Empire Super Sprints) celebrated in the victory lane.

The off-road championship seasons were capped by Ron Davis III in the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds, Matt Janczuk in the Dot Foods DIRTcar Sportsman class and Chad Homan in the Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux RUSH Late Models.

The 35-lap DIRTcar Modified feature saw Marshall Hurd and AJ Kingsley leading the first two laps. Dylan Zacharias had a three-wide pass on turn four to take the lead on lap four.

Davis, who was chasing his first modified track title, was on a mission after starting 14th. He was in the top five in the 10th round.

In 15 laps, Zacharias held a big lead over Gill, Kingsley, Davis and Chris Cunningham.

On lap 22, Gill took the lead coming out of turn four. He put the cars in one lap with 10 laps to go.

Over the last few laps, Gill didn’t miss a beat, securing his car in the victory lane for his first victory at the Fulton Speedway Modified. Rocky Warner, Davis, Zacharias and Pat Ward rounded out the top five.

With his third place, Davis concluded his first Fulton Speedway DIRTcar Modified Track Championship.

The first 25-lap Sportsman event saw Dorian Wahdan take the lead. Brett Sears and Emmett Waldron followed, with Richie Riggs and Brett Draper in the top five.

On lap 10, Wahdan was still leading the way, but Sears was difficult. On lap 13, Sears made it to the top of the track to let Wahdan take the lead.

In just his fifth race since becoming a Novice Sportsman, Brett Sears drove like a veteran and gained 2.4 seconds over Wahdan. Waldron, Tyler Corcoran and Josh Amodio completed the top five.

The 25-lap second Sportsman feature saw Matt Kitts lead the first two laps before Joe Kline took first place. AJ Miller, Ryan Dolbear, Kitts and Jeff Prentice ran from second to fifth.

As the race progressed, Kline increased his margin until he reached doubled traffic. Dolbear took advantage of this and passed Kline on the 18th lap.

Just when it looked like Dolbear was heading for his second win of the year, disaster struck on round 21. In the fourth lap, Dolbear was under a car to put him one lap behind when a car turned on him, ending his shot for victory.

Chris Mackey, who finished second in points early in the evening, took the lead when the race turned green and led the rest of the way for his third win of the season. Kline, Miller, Cody Manitta and Prentice placed second to fifth.

Matt Janczuk finished as the Dot Foods DIRTcar Sportsman track champion.

Chad Homan put an exclamation mark on his season, heading for victory after taking the lead in lap 5 of Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux Late Models’ 20 laps. It was his eighth win of the season and two straight titles (2019 and 2021) for Homan.

In the 25 laps of the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints, Chuck Hebing and Jason Barney have traded the lead several times. In the end, Barney was the first under the ladies. Hebing, Shawn Donath, Paulie Colagiovanni and Tyler Cartier completed the top five.

Josh Fellows started late this season in the E&V Energy Novice Sportsman class, but you wouldn’t know it on Saturday night. He dominated from start to finish for his first victory. Savannah Laflair, Mikey Wight, Buddy Leathley and Scott Kline finished second to fifth.

All eyes are now on one of the North East’s most prestigious racing events, the 35th Annual Outlaw 200 Weekend, October 1-2.

For tickets, go to and click on the Outlaw 200 tab at the top of the page.

Finishes Fulton Speedway

Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar 358 Modified (35 laps): Jackson Gill, Rocky Warner, Ron Davis III, Dylan Zacharias, Pat Ward, AJ Kingsley, Bob Henry Jr., Chris Cunningham, Dave Marcuccilli, Corey Barker, Andrew Ferguson, Ryan Richardson, Marshall Hurd, Justin Crisafulli, Mike Stanton Jr., CJ Castelletti, Lucas Fuller, Jason Parkhurst, Brad Godshalk, RJ Tresidder, Gordy Button, Jeff Taylor, Jeff Sykes.

2021 modified track champion: Ron Davis III

Dot Foods DIRTcar Sportsman # 1 (25 laps): Brett Sears, Dorian Wahdan, Emmett Waldron, Tyler Corcoran, Josh Amodio, Brett Draper, Steve Marshall, Austin Germinio, Richie Riggs, Chris Bonoffski, Quinn Wallis, Mike Phelps, Amy Holland, Jimmy Moyer, Max Hill, Rick Miller, Brent Joy, Tony Finch II, George Dyer, Teddy Starr, Jacob Dupra, Mike Root, Rachel Zacharias.

Dot Foods DIRTcar Sportsman # 2 (25 laps): Chris Mackey, Joe Kline, AJ Miller, Cody Manitta, Jeff Prentice, Matt Janczuk, Richard Murtaugh, Kyle Devendorf, Kearra Backus, Matt Kitts, Robert Gage, Wade Chrisman, Dave Moyer, Brett Buono, Tim Falter, Rocky Grosso, Tim Gareau , Pat Nolan, Matt Richardson, Ryan Dolbear, Jake Davis, Mike Button.

2021 Sportsman Track Champion: Matt Janczuk

Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux RUSH Late Models (20 laps): Chad Homan, Chris Fleming, Harry Halliday, Sean Beardsley, Bret Belden, Dave Moyer, Todd Chapman, Alan Chapman.

Champion Late Model Track 2021: Chad Homan.

E&V Energy Novice Sportsman (15 laps): Josh Fellows, Savannah Laflair, Mikey Wight, Buddy Leathley, Scott Kline, Jason Breezee, Tayvyn Mariono, Chris Crump.

Empire Super Sprints (25 laps): Jason Barney, Chuck Hebing, Shawn Donath, Paulie Colagiovanni, Tyler Cartier, Kelly Hebing, Joe Trenca, Danny Varin, Scott Holcomb, Matt Tanner, Billy VanInwegan, Jeff Cook, Denny Peebles, Jake Karklin, Chad Miller, Tommy Wickham, Parker Evans , Lacey Hanson, Jonathan Preston, Davie Franek, Chase Moran, Aaron Jacobus, Jared Zimbardi, Dylan Swiernik, Sam Reakes IV.

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