Resident expresses anger at garbage dumped alongside Stirling Road


A resident near the Polmaise Road area in Stirling shared his frustration this week with the persistent problem of litter being dumped in the surrounding area.

Torbrex residents contacted the Observer earlier this year to point out that dumped trash and fly spills on Polmaise Road can be a regular occurrence.

However, it got worse during the lockdown.

In April, Stirling City Council had to clean up many cans and bottles of beer, which looked like a big party.

However, the cans and bottles had been overturned on the side of the road.

And in May, a Stirling dog walker reported litter being dumped near the entrance to Cambusbarron’s Murrayshall quarry.

Rubbish and charred trees, Polmaise Road area, Stirling district

Torbrex resident Frank Schmidt, who last weekend picked up four bags of trash on his own in the Polmaise Road area, told the Observer this week that littering and littering remains a problem.

He said, “You don’t have to look far for this. You can find it anywhere you go in the Polmaise Road / North Third Reservoir area.

“The woods near Polmaise Lodge are particularly bad. This area is littered with garbage as well as black garbage bags containing garbage.

“There is also evidence of fires as well as burnt trees in this area. I am sorry for the people who live in the area.

“Last week I also found garbage in the hills near Earl’s Burn.

“No place, however remote, is immune to it.”

Stirling City Council described the issue as “extremely disappointing and damaging to the environment” and encouraged residents to continue reporting the waste through the council’s website.

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