Reminiscence soundtrack released on August 20


WaterTower Music announced the August 20 release of the Reminiscence soundtrack, with music from the action thriller Warner Bros. Pictures.

Writer / Director / Producer Lisa Joy’s debut feature (Westworld) is slated for release in the United States in theaters and on HBO Max via the Ad-Free Plan on August 20, 2021; it will be available on HBO Max for 31 days from its release.

Reminiscence soundtrack released on August 20

the Reminiscence The soundtrack includes an original score by Emmy Award-winning and Grammy-nominated composer Ramin Djawadi (The iron Throne, Westworld, Person of interest), and includes the new original song “Save My Love” by Lonr. (With Amber Mark).

Lonr. is a multi-hyphenated, Grammy Award-winning musician. The song, as well as a music video with Lonr. and one of the stars of the film, Thandiwe Newton (Westworld), were both released today.

Looking for the right song for the Reminiscence soundtrack – one that would sum up the scope and tone of the film and capture the spirit of the film and the characters – Joy hooked up with her good friend and collaborator, Grammy-nominated producer Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman. Gitelman is an artist, musician, producer and songwriter known for his work and instrumentation for J. Cole, HER, Mac Miller and Anderson Pak. He was also nominated for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year for his work on HER’s 2019 album. i knew her.

Gitelman watched the movie and immediately contacted artist and songwriter Lonr., And the two got to work on a song together. When Joy first heard the song produced from these sessions, “Save My Love” by Lonr. (Feat. Amber Mark), she knew the song and these artists fit the movie perfectly. The song had the musical traits she had envisioned – an epic yet romantic quality, and a certain swagger befitting the character of film star Hugh Jackman, Nick Bannister.

The song had the crucial characteristics of being both catchy and “tacky” – and also linked to the film’s themes about memory and how music and songs play out in life. The instrumentation was particularly essential and fulfilled Joy’s need to have an international essence in its tones, in order to integrate and seamlessly step into the film’s striking score.

In order to achieve the lush and sophisticated overall musicality that the filmmaker wanted for the Reminiscence soundtrack, Joy turned to acclaimed composer Ramin Djawadi, Joy’s frequent collaborator and producer Jonathan Nolan who composed all 28 episodes of their hit HBO series. Westworld and the Nolan series Person of interest.

Throughout the filmmakers’ conversations, the word “broken” played a role in Djawadi’s artistic choices. The refined sound of a traditional full orchestra was reserved sparingly for the wealthy residents of the drylands seen in the film, which is set in futuristic, largely underwater Miami. Rather, the layered use of guitars, piano, and drums has featured in the score of Bannister (Jackman) and the enigmatic Mae (Rebecca Ferguson), the characters around them and the world they inhabit.

Djawadi hinted at the film’s mystery with the early inclusion of the theme heard later as Bannister and Mae fall in love, which is then enlarged and taken over by the orchestra, leading and developing under Bannister’s obsessive search for Mae a once it disappears.

Djawadi notes: “The heart of the film is about memories, thinking and holding on to the past. So we wanted the sound to be more timeless for these characters, the mysteries and the memories. The simplicity of the guitar / piano music seemed appropriate.

In the film, written, directed and produced by Lisa Joy, Nick Bannister is a minded private investigator who navigates the dark and alluring world of the past helping his clients access lost memories. Living on the fringes of Miami’s sunken coast, his life changes forever when he takes on a new client, Mae (Ferguson).

Reminiscence Soundtrack

A simple matter of lost and found becomes a dangerous obsession. As Bannister struggles to uncover the truth about Mae’s disappearance, he uncovers a violent plot and ultimately must answer the question: How far would you go to keep your loved ones?

The film also stars Cliff Curtis, Oscar nominee Marina de Tavira, Daniel Wu, Mojean Aria, Brett Cullen, Natalie Martinez, Angela Sarafyan and Nico Parker.

The Warner Bros. movie was produced by Joy, Jonathan Nolan, Michael De Luca and Aaron Ryder. Executive producers were Athena Wickham, Elishia Holmes and Scott Lumpkin. Joy’s creative team includes many of her Westworld collaborators, including cinematographer Paul Cameron, production designer Howard Cummings, editor Mark Yoshikawa and composer Ramin Djawadi, as well as costume designer Jennifer Starzyk (Bill & Ted face the music).

Reminiscence is rated PG-13 for strong violence, drug material throughout, sexual content, and foul language

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