Newport Main Water Line Flushing Begins Sunday: See Schedule


NEWPORT, RI – Flushing of water lines is scheduled to begin in Newport this week. The project, which is part of the ongoing maintenance of the system, is expected to last three weeks.

Flushing will include all of Newport, as well as parts of Middletown and Portsmouth. While flushing, residents can expect low water pressure and discolored water. Anyone with discolored water should run cold taps throughout the house for five to 10 minutes, or until the water runs clear.

The Newport Water Division will post signs in each area before flushing begins. It will take place from 8 p.m. at 4 a.m.

Below is the schedule for flushing the water lines, if time permits.

Week 1: Oct. 17 to Oct. 21

Redwood Rd., John Kesson Ln., Pasture Farm Dr., Greene Ln., Pocahontas Dr., Roy Ave., Rogers ln., West View Rd., Squantum Dr., Oliphant Ln., Browns Ln., Vanicek Ave. , Island Dr., North Dr., East Main Rd., Meadow Ln., Woolsey Rd., Corporate Pl., Forest Ave., Chases Ln. Park Dr., Wyatt Rd., Berkeley Ave., Maple Ave., O’Neil Blvd., Beacon St., High St., Atlantic Dr., William Dr., Aquidneck Ave., Turner Rd., Honeyman Ave., Wyndham Hill Rd., Trout Dr., Hillside Ave., Girard Ave., Admiral Kalbfus Rd., Goldenrod Dr., Continental Dr., Green End Ave., Boulevard, Bliss Mine Rd., Valley Rd. And John Clarke Rd. .

Week 2: Oct 24 to Oct 28

Reservoir Rd., Paradise Ave., Wolcott Ave., Allston Ave., Ellery Ave., Purgatory Rd., Tuckerman Ave., Memorial Blvd., Broadway, Farewell St., Third St., Second St., Washington St., Malbone Rd., Friendship St., Powell Ave., Warner St., Rhode Island Ave., Kay St., Eustis Ave., Gibbs Ave., Americas Cup Ave., Touro St., Connell Hwy., Catherine St., Church St., Old Beach Rd., Thames St., Spring St., Ayrault St., Van Zandt Ave. and Bliss Road.

Week 3: November 1 to November 4

Memorial Blvd., Bellevue Ave., Thames St., Spring St., Parker St., Annandale Rd., Berkeley Ave., Narragansett Ave. and Webster St., Leroy Ave., Shepard Ave., Ruggles Ave., Ocre Point Ave., Coggeshall Ave., Ledge Rd., Bateman Ave., Wellington Ave., Houston Ave., Wickham Rd., Brenton Rd., Harrison Ave., Carroll Ave., Beacon Hill Rd., Hammersmith Rd., Ridge Rd., Castle Hill Ave. and Ocean Ave.

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