Morrill High School Alumni Association Annual Meeting

Submitted by John E. Lehman, secretary

The 94th Annual Meeting of the Morrill High School Alumni Association was held May 29 at the Morrill Community Building after a two-year absence due to COVID-19.

Past President Charles Gruber (1969) opened the meeting in the absence of President Ken Herbster (1957). John Lehman (1964) gave the meal invocation. A delicious chicken meal with cream sauce and mushrooms, prepared by the staff of Buzz Café was served. The meal was served by members of the Morrill Tip Top 4-H Club. Thanks were extended to both groups. All past members and guests rose and began the meeting by standing and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Members of the Class of 1962 who attended the Morrill Alumni Banquet on Sunday May 29 are FRONT ROW (LR) Charles Livengood, Teggie Meyers Westrup, Jim McKim, Reaona Kelly McNett, Sue Zimmerschied Robinson, Phyllis Bailey Sanders, Rudolph” Rudy” Lehman and Robert “Bob” Wood.

Approval was given for the 2019 minutes which had previously been sent to alumni members. The Secretary also thanked everyone for their generous support of the MHS Scholarship Fund. Over $6,500 was received and there will also be a $5,000 match from a former Morrill student. Treasurer Rudolph Lehman (1962) gave the financial report. The operating fund has a balance of $3,111.76 and there is a CD of $2,500. He also mentioned that the scholarship fund continues to grow with donations received during the year and the matching gift mentioned above. The goal is $50,000 and the current balance is around $43,000

James McKim (1962) featured JR Streett and AJ Zahner, who presented the evening’s program.

They sang several musical numbers and were thanked for their impressive performance.

C. Gruber presented the Nominating Committee report. The following officers were elected for the coming year:

President: James McKim (1962)

First Vice-President: William McNatt (1960)

Members of the Class of 1965 who attended the Morrill Alumni Banquet on Sunday May 29 are (L-R) Janet Shields Nitcher, Shirley Livengood Bozone, Linda Curtin Bodam, Jim Jenkins, Glenda Grimm Rokey, Judy Friesen Banz and Janice Reber Bennet .

Second Vice-President: Charles Gruber (1969)

Secretary: John Lehman (1964)

Treasurer: Rudolph Lehman (1962)

Distinguished Alumni Committee: Mavis Baumgartner Stout (1966)

C. Gruber awarded the following scholarships:

Griffin Hunting: $1,200

Madison Menold: $1,200

Cray Schilling: $1,200

Emma Schilling: $1,200

Tristan Wittwer: $1,200

Members of the Class of 1967 who attended the Morrill Alumni Banquet on Sunday May 29 are FRONT ROW (LR) Bonnie Dornes Hanni, Linda Kruse Bennett, Sue McKim Greif, Kathleen Lehman Osterhaus and Angela Strahm Borman; BACK ROW (LR) Rodney Grimm, James Griebat, Dan Adams and Wayne Howerton.

An announcement has been made that there are copies of a sketch made of the location of all the businesses that were in Morrill in the 1950s. Anyone who has not received a copy can contact the secretariat.

Glenda Grimm Rokey (1965) and Shirley Kendall Brougher (1966) presented the 2021-22 Distinguished Alumni Awards to James Jenkins (1965) and Oliver Bennett (1965). Both recipients were present and expressed their thanks for this recognition.

Rudolph Lehman (1962) conducted the Rosemary Hour. The following former members are remembered since our last meeting in 2019: Wanda Roush Bonham (1950) of Olathe; Margaret Sinclair Wiley (1956) from Horton; Leroy Bailey (1957) of Ottawa; Vernard Foley (1957) of Lafayette, Indiana; Bernard Pyle (1959) of Topeka; Lyle Reber (1962) from Topeka; Ruby DeBusk Boyce (1963) of Chickasha, Okla.; Mike McKim (1971) of Kansas City, Missouri; Lawerene’s Debbie Snyder Bott (1972); Bill Pyle (1973) from Topeka; Geraldin Davie (1938) of Chattanooga, Tennessee; Stanley Witt (1950) of Spring Hill, Tennessee; Charles Larry Allen (1961) of Morrill; Milford Wisdom (1951) by Robinson; Sabetha’s Carroll Snyder (1951); Amelia Zimmerschied Hoffman (1956) of Sabetha; Zane Livengood (1948) of Joplin, Missouri; Robert Bartholomew (1966) of Weatherford, Texas; Roxanne Roush Robinson (1969) from Topeka; Kenneth Kruse (1947) of Springdale, Ark. ; Glenn Sanner (1952) of Fairview; Melvin Hoffman (1952) of Sabetha; John Picton (1959) of Falls City, Neb.; Ronald McGuire (1966) of Lynch, Neb. ; Barney DeBusk (1968) by Sabetha; and Sabetha’s Nancy Arnold Painter (1970).

R. Lehman read a recitation of “Love Overcomes Darkness”, followed by a moment of silence to remember those listed.

Barbara Kerr (1954) mentioned that she would like to donate an old-fashioned telephone that was in the principal’s office many years ago. The location will be determined later.

Members of the Class of 1972 who attended the Morrill Alumni Banquet on Sunday May 29 are (L-R) Kent Jones, Ann Pyle Kress, Daniel Gruber, Kenneth Lehman and Wanda Aue Tietjens.

William McNatt was in charge of class recognition: Dale Snyder (1946) was the only representative of the 75-year-old class that would have been honored last year. Bill Eisenbise (1951) introduced two other members of the Class of 1951. Sandra Miller (1956) was the only member of the Class of 1956.

William McNatt (1960) had five members of the Class of 1960 in attendance. Gary Long, who couldn’t come, sent a note saying he had two family members cleared of COVID last year. Judy Early Meyers (1961) was the only graduate of the Class of 1961. Shirley Livengood Bozone (1965) introduced the Class of 1965 which had seven members in attendance. Gerald Grimm (1966) announced that four members of the class of 1966 were in attendance.

Nine members were in attendance from the Class of 1962 with Charles Livengood introducing them. Rodney Grimm shared that eight members of the Class of 1967 attended, along with two members who were part of the class in elementary school. Dan Gruber (1972) featured five members of the Class of 1972, which was the last freshman class before the school closed in 1969. Mary Strahm Lehman was the sole representative of the Class of 1970, as was Ralph Baumgartner in the class of 1971.

William McNatt, second vice president, presented a number of door prizes, including shirts donated by an MHS alumnus with a tag “Where in the world is Morrill, Kansas” and a tiger on the front.

Members of the Class of 1951 who attended the Morrill Alumni Banquet on Sunday May 29 are (LR) William Eisenbise, Lila Bailey Eisenbise and Irene Nolte Closson.

Who’s Who and Where From revealed 134 people in attendance. Area members and guests present were: William (1958) and Judy Early Meyers (1961) and Derek from Savannah, Mo.; Wayne (1967) and Cheryl Howerton of Topeka; Linda Curtin Bodam (1965) from Dallas, Texas; James (1967) and Lee Griebat of Westminster, Colorado; Ralph Baumgartner (1971) from Topeka; Bonnie Dornes Hanni (1967) by Lawrence; Juanita Friesen Petersen (1964) of Scottsdale, Arizona; Kathy Friesen Parker (1967) of Chandler, Arizona; Linda Kruse Bennett (1967) of Raton, New Mexico; Judy Friesen Banz (1965) of Buhler, Kan.; Barbara Kerr (1954) from Wamego; Deborah Hemphill of Stewartsville, Missouri; James (1965) and Eva Jenkins of Bonner Springs, Kan.; Charles and Connie Stewart (1964) Starkebaum of Carbondale; Shirley Livengood Bozone (1965) and Melvin from Wamego; Donna Knox Witt (1953) of Scranton, Kansas; Kenton Jones (1972) of Glasco, Kansas; Marla Jones (1969) of Overland Park; John Wittwer (1960) of Lincoln, Neb., John and Sue McKim (1967) Grief of Payette, Idaho; Rich and Beverly Bradbury (1960) Runnebaum of Berryton, Kan.; Charles Livengood (1962) from Oxford, Florida; Janice Lehman (1969) of Olathe; Jeeper and Teggie Westrup (1962) Meyer of Aurora, Missouri; Marinda Bailey Pyle (1959) from Topeka; Oliver (1965) and Janice Reber (1965) Bennett of Topeka; Frances and Phyllis Bailey (1962) Sanders of Junction City; Ernie and Joyce Long (1963) York of Butler, Mo.; Sandra Miller Wickham (1956) of Falls City, Neb.; Jan Garber of Blue Springs, Missouri; Arlene Baumgartner Wickham of Falls City, Neb.; Bob Wood (1962) from Topeka; Reoana McNett Kelly (1962) of River Falls, Wisconsin; Russ (1960) and Ann Jenkins of Arlington, Texas; Larry (1963) and Jackie Zimmerschied of Ponca City, Okla.; Sue Zimmerschied Robinson (1962) from Manhattan; Mary Jo Roush (1973) from Topeka; Gary and Connie McKim (1966) Baldridge of Holton; William (1960) and Jean McNatt of Millersville, Maryland; Melvin Snoke of Wamego; Kathryn Kelly of St. Joseph, Missouri; and Janet Shields Nitcher (1965) from Meriden.

Those from the immediate area present were: from Morrill: Bob (1969) and Carol Baumgartner; Jim (1962) and Karla McKim; Charles Gruber (1969); Pam Gerdes Adams (1973); Dan Gruber (1972); Calvin (1963) and Shirley Kendall (1966) Brougher; Zana Meyer Niehues (1964); Cray Schilling; Gary Mendenhall (1962); Sandon, Lindsay and Tristan Wittwer; Gerald Grimm (1966); Mavis Baumgartner Stout (1966); Jerry (1960) and Linda Schilling; Terry, Dayra and Madison Menold; Libby Stover, Hiawatha; Vince (1964) and Jane Ploeger; Larry (1959) and Judy Stover; of Sabetha; Allen and Glenda Grimm (1965) Rokey; Rudolph (1962) and Linda Kanel (1964) Lehman; Kenneth Lehman (1972); Dale Snyder (1946); Bill (1951) and Lila (1951) Eisenbise; John (1964) and Carol Lehman; Duane and Angie Strahm (1967) Borman; Dan (1967) and Marcia Adams; Ann Pyle Kress (1972); Rod (1967) and Arlene Grimm; Kathleen Lehman Osterhaus (1967); JR Streett; Jim Burton; AJ Zahner; Dan (1964) and Mary Dornes; Robert (1954) and Mary Blecha (1966) Herbster; Irene Nolte Closson (1951); Elwin and Mary Lehman (1970) Strahm; and James McGuire (1962).

The reunion ended with all the former students and guests standing and singing the school song.

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