Missing player and scorching heat force Rowlands Castle v Fishborne dropout at Portsmouth & District Tennis League

Stubbington v Sarisbury Green (left to right): Mary Colquhoun, Gwen Isaacs, Penny Redwood, Cheryl Goater, Maureen Parker, Suzanne Johnson, Sandra Turner, Karen McCulloch

She had four players set up to play Rowlands Castle, but when she arrived only two more showed up, writes ALAN BEST.

Several frantic phone calls later and she still only had three players so they started in hopes that the fourth would come.

At this point, your correspondent, who was watching the drama from the parking lot, left – in case he was asked to put on his kit and dial the numbers!

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Alverstoke 2 v Southsea (left to right): Ashley Law, Tara Creasy, Andy Bowbrick, Clare Keiditsch, Tony Norish, Adrian Allsop, Tracey Lazenbury

Cressida and her partner Katy Bracher won the first rubber, sending Dawn Wears and Caron Howe 6-2, 6-3, but at this point with no sign of the missing fourth player and with temperatures reaching 20, it was decided to ‘abort procedure.

There were no such issues in the women’s game between Stubbington and Sarisbury Green – although Sarisbury’s second pair might have wished Stubbington’s Sandra Turner and Maureen Parker had stayed at home as they recorded a double bagel 6-0 6-0 in the first rubber.

But Gwen Isaacs and Cheryl Goater gave Sarisbury some pride again, beating Turner and Parker along the way, and the two Rubbers they won earned them a point, although Stubbington took the extra winning draw point on the count of matches.

The men’s leagues are still far from over in this rambling season, but Carlton Green has come a long way to secure first place in Division 3 with two wins in the following weeks.

First, they beat Avenue 4-0 and followed it up with an impressive 3-1 win over Southsea.

Russell and Christian Lewis were the star pair for Carlton, winning both their Rubbers, although they needed a tiebreaker to defeat Carl Spencer and Robin Gallagher.

The last three games played were all in mixed 2, where the dynamic young team of the Active Academy continues to sweep everything in front of them. Their 4-0 victory over Wickham ended an unbeaten season.

Both Alverstoke’s mixed teams were in action. The 1st had the misfortune to meet Simon Welch of Rowlands Castle, whose delicate left hand serve was too much for the two opposing pairs. Welch and his partner Caron Howe conceded just four games all afternoon.

The other two rubbers were more balanced, Laura Pritchard and Gordon Guttridge taking one for Alverstoke while Lynda Pine and Roger Castle did well to come back with a beating in their first rubber to beat Nicky Heyworth and Chris Titterington after a tie-break Match.

The final match, between Alverstoke 2 and Southsea, saw the closest finish of the week. The opening rubbers were split, with Ashley Law and John Kemble’s 6-0 6-1 victory over Adrian Allsop and Tracy Lazenby giving Southsea a four-point lead at halftime. But Tara Creasey and Tony Norish slowly brought that lead back and it looked like there was a tie before Claire Keiditsch and Andy Bowbridge pulled off a crucial game to give Southsea the winning points in one game.

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