Madison County Property Transfers – Oneida Dispatch

The following deeds were among those recorded in the Madison County Clerk’s Office from May 30, 2022 through June 10, 2022:

Harper Trust to Kevin Martyn Jr; 1504 Delphi Rd, Cazenovia for $420,000

Charles Campbell to Gary Meyerson; 121 Prospect Street, Canastota for $236,000

Kathleen Brandt/poa to Christine Rich; 230 Allen Park Pl, Oneida for $98,000

Cody Rooney to Alexis Newbury; 237 Park Avenue, Oneida for $191,500

Tracy Hilts to Amy Merlos; 401 Peck Road, Kirkville for $160,000

Eva Fera/tutor of Louis Fera; 1110 Middle Rd, Oneida for $94,000

Maxine Sweatman to Michael Sweatman; Glenwood Avenue, Oneida for $1

Alan Booth/ref to MTGLO investors; 3366 Erieville Road, Erieville for $120,500

Adriana Fratini to Jason Williams; 6076 Lebanon Reservoir, Lebanon for $30,000

Eulalia Wickham in Penny Witchley; 2997 Waterbury Rd, Canastota for $75,000

Duane Havener to Kathleen Mahon; Parker Hill Rd, Georgetown for $146,000

Stephen Henry/ref at Limestone Ridge; 1084 Smith Ridge Road, Bridgeport for $91,500

Rebecca Degeilh to Andrew Degeilh; 3902 Nelson Hgts Rd, Cazenovia for $20,000

Rose Taranto to Bethany Huffstutler; 67 E Main St, Earlville for $73,000

Richard Streeter to Kelly Barrett; 9069 North Rd, Bridgeport for $1

Theresa Stile to Christopher Wisnoski; 6536 Armstrong Road, Hamilton for $355,000

Elaine Mason to Brenda Campbell; W Main St, Lebanon for $1

Karen Devaul-Turner to Jack Turner; Hart Rd, Eaton for $1

William Fallon Trust to Sheila Fallon; 4775 Ormonde Dr, Cazenovia for $1

Joseph Koen to Christine Rossi; 8225 Hill Rd, Hubbardsville for $53,000

Robert Fox Jr to Donald Coling; Hall Road, Erieville for $140,000

Gregory Kukulski to Alyssa Paduano; 1941 Hickory St, Chittenango for $220,000

Robert Scribner to George Wright Sr; Madison St, Oneida for $50,000

Joyce Crandall/Adm to Patricia Moro; Utica Street, Deruyter for $52,500

Miranda Tiller to Michael Tianello Jr; Will New Blvd, Canastota for $264,000

Richard Macumber to Larry MacLaury; 26 Fayette Street, Earlville for $127,000

Gary Goodfellow to James Bourne; 2238 Erieville Road, Erieville for $171,500

Francis Bartholomew/director of CAAJJ LLC; Washington Avenue, Oneida for $25,000

James Rinaldo/exr to Seth Sullivan; 221 Maple Dr, Oneida for $119,000

Hyland Partners Inc to Lawrence Pavese; 104 Seneca Ave, Canastota for $69,500

Jeffrey Shepard to Sean Malloy; 3985 Benedict Hill Road, Erieville for $245,000

Marguerite Troup to Nathaniel Houck; 350 Stone St, Oneida for $126,500

Mari Snyder at 18, rue du Liban; Main Street, Hamilton for $145,000

John Osborne to James Goodfellow; 5325 Nelson Rd, Cazenovia for $4,500

Patrick Sullivan Jr to Nicholas Baran; 1815 Hillside Avenue, Leonardsville for $185,000

ESA Properties at Dale Hines; Cedar St, Oneida for $169,500

Morris Baker Jr to Aaron Walker; 413 Wilbur Street, Oneida for $230,000

Nicole Perez to Jacob Lipke; 210 Spencer St, Canastota for $162,500

Kenneth Mitchell to Christopher Phillips; North St, Morrisville for $22,000

Jean Vickery to Garrett Ayotte; 603 Tuscarora Road, Chittenango for $161,500

Peter Hopsickert to Ned Jaquish; 1795 Route 8, Leonardsville for $217,000

Susanne Hunt at the Altschul group; 51 Payne Street, Hamilton for $486,000

Kirk Palmer to Michael Geruntino; 1597 River Road, Hamilton for $125,000

Joel Arsenault to Allen Kime; New Yorker Avenue, Canastota for $7,500

Edna Haldenwang to Douglas Case; 6043 Creek Rd, Oneida for $6,000

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