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21/02345 / FUL, Mark Cooke, provisional planning permit for the creation of a showroom, sales offices, access and parking facilities, land west of Tanger Lane.

02/21384 / FUL, Parker, Installation of a temporary aerial tower for the duration of the construction of the Replacement Fire Hall (21/00764 / FUL), Lower Lane Fire Hall.

21/02719 / TPO, John Newbury, arboriculture, Woodlea Nurseries, The Bungalow.

21/02734 / TPC, Ray Simpson-Davis, tree work, North Winds, Lower Lane.

Common cold

21/02437 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and Piper, roof modifications, replacement of windows, new double height extension to form a new entrance space, new wood-clad carport at the front of the house , Hazel Lodge, Hensting Lane.

Compton and Shawford

21/02156 / LDP, Mr. and Mrs. Peck, construction of a swimming pool and its surrounding area in concrete, Scandia House, Southdown Road.

02/21282 / HOU, Mark Steventon, installing three Velux windows in the roof of a second floor storage room of a three story house, 23 Laura Close.

21/02515 / AVC, M. Devlin, installation of five directional signs on poles illuminated from the outside, a set of individual letters, a logo and a wall entrance sign, Shawford Springs Care Home, Otterbourne Road.

02713 / TPO, Smith, remove five Macrocarpa forming a high overgrown hedge on the rear boundary, S’accomodi, 1A Grove Road.


02/21706 / TPC, Emma Molyneux, Cut Two Judas Trees, The Old Thatch, Peach Hill Lane.


02/21/402 / HOU, Heather Ventham, Summerhouse in the Garden, Heathers, Outlands Lane.

21/02459 / REM, Mr. and Mrs. Sinha, Proposed Housing Design Approval, Yew Trees, Harmsworth Farm, Botley Road.

02718 / TPO, Jeremy Clarke, arboriculture, Kyrenia Botley Road.


21/02435 / FUL, M. Chambers, construction of replacement stable building, following removal of existing building, Meadows Farm, Ervills Road.


02/21/02379 / FUL, Mr. Reeves and Mrs. Gwynne, alterations, expansions and construction of new accommodation and carport adjacent to cottage and change of use of orchard to garden, Wintershill Cottage, Manor Road.

Worthy kings

21/02187 / AVC, M. Petifer, Installation of replacement signs and refurbishment of existing signs and arcade lanterns, Cart and Horses, London Road.

21/02262 / LIS, M. Petifer, Installation of Replacement Signs and Refurbishment of Existing Arcade Signs and Lanterns, Cart and Horses, London Road.

02/21698 / FUL, c / o Agent, reduction from three to two bedrooms, attic conversions and roof modifications to create a self-contained apartment, rear outbuilding and car park modifications, The Little Kitchen Company, London Road.

21/02711 / TPC, Hayes, Pick up Willow, 1 Victoria Cottages, London Road.

Littleton and Harestock

21/02491 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Konduah, two story side extension, one story rear extension and interior fittings, 194 Buriton Road.

21/02546 / HOU, Nicola and Ryan Harris, single storey rear extension and garden furniture, 18 Rozelle Close.

02742 / FUL, Mr. and Mrs. Page, demolition of existing chalet bungalow and garage and construction of new home with integrated garage, associated landscaping and septic tank, Alderley, Deane Down Drove.


21/02511 / HOU, James Walker, single storey rear extension across the entire width of the property and a single storey first floor extension above the garage, Sagada, 29 Brunel Close.

21/02527 / HOU, Dr and Dr Walker, conversion of a loft garage into habitable accommodation, 2 Dever Close.

02/21693 / TPC, Huijgens, tree removal, Field Barn, Church Street.

New Alresford

21/02418 / AVC, Richard Rawling, replacing existing signage with new colors and a new logo, Bay Tree House, 26 West Street.

21/02469 / LIS, Stephen Hynds, window replacement, Soke House, 3 The Soke.

21/02722 / TPC, Jessica Nicholson, tree work and replanting, Langton Lodge, Sun Lane.


21/02416 / HOU, Andy Clark, change double garage / workshop to single garage / barn entrance / gym and utility, The Barn, Main Road.

Oliver Drums

21/02460 / FUL, Hutchinson 3G (Three) UK Ltd, removal of existing 12.5 meter monopoly and replacement of equipment with a new 18 meter monopoly capable of accommodating new antennas, Mast, Badger Farm Road.

02/21/02506 / HOU, Mr Ratcliffe, demolition of existing side porch and erection of replacement glass porch with built-in brick utility in back, 99 Olivers Battery Road.


02/21389 / FUL, M. Hallett, extension to existing building and change of use from class B8 (storage and distribution) to class E (offices), Forest Farm, Winchester Road.

21/02427 / LDP, Mr. and Mrs. Warn, Double Garage, Quagg End, Biddenfield Lane.


21/02442 / FUL, Mrs Church, demolition of the existing grooms apartment and stables, and construction of a building including the grooms apartment, offices and adjoining accommodation at the main house, Arion Stud, Hoe Street .


21/02532 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Fogg, extensions and modifications of two floors with removal of outbuildings, closure of an existing entrance and creation of a new entrance, Burntwood Cottage, Home Lane.


21/02278 / FUL, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, replacement housing and work on an existing preserved housing, Elswick Cottage, Mislingford Road.


02/21171 / FUL, Bradley Madgwick, proposed horse stables for use with existing pastures with associated storage, land use for two static caravans with ten month occupancy each, land adjacent to Black Cottage, Black Cottage Lane.


02070 / FUL, William Carver, erection of figurative statue of famous medieval businesswoman Licoricia of Winchester, and her son Asher, on plinth with plaque showing donors, The Winchester Discovery Center, Jewry Street .

02/21333 / FUL, Ben and Leah Firbank, demolition of an existing residential house. veranda and attached garage associated with the construction of a replacement residential house, 72 Romsey Road.

21/02376 / HOU, Drs Davidson and Masters, loft conversion with rear skylight and front skylights, first floor rear extension and main floor rear extension, 2 St Johns Road.

02/21377 / HOU, Roger Nicklin, installation of two air-to-water heat pumps, St Marys, Sleepers Hill.

21/02445 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, conversion of garage to workshop and single storey connection between garage and house, demolition of existing veranda and replacement with single storey extension, 46 Olivers Battery Road.

21/02477 / LDP, Guy and Charlotte Willis-Robb, loft conversion to include an L-shaped rear skylight with two bedrooms and a shower room, 54 Western Road.

02/21507 / HOU, Micaela MacAulay, two story rear extension and roof extension of a detached bungalow, 4 Wessex Drive.

21/02525 / HOU, Jonathan Scoffin, installation of an aluminum gate at the front of the property with additional fencing, East Lodge, 56 Chilbolton Avenue.

21/02701 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Peck, replacement roof with increased ridge height, conversion from hip to gable and front and rear dormer to create living space with a new entrance porch on the ground floor roadway at the front, 8 Mead Road.

21/02702 / HOU, Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, removal of the one-story extension at the back and the one-story porch extension at the front with dormer window and roofing work, 6, chemin Mead.

21/02712 / TPO, Karité, reduction of trees, 17A avenue Chilbolton.

02744 / HOU, Kate Kernick, New Stainless Steel Side Rise Fireplace, Matte Black Finish, 5 St Faiths Road.

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