Labor shortage impacting goods and services in New York


A labor shortage is impacting goods and services, leading to more closures or difficulty getting items as people shop for the holidays.

In this week’s Deep Dive poll, News 12 Viewers were asked what impact they are feeling due to the labor shortage.

On Long Island, 44% say they have difficulty obtaining goods and services.

In the Bronx, it was a connection between difficulty obtaining goods and services and poorer customer service.

In Brooklyn it was also difficult to get goods and services there, and in Westchester it was close, but more closures got a majority of the votes.

Something that plays a big part in all of this are the unemployment figures.

“This labor shortage is real and there are a lot of jobs there. The unemployment rate in New York, however, is 6.9%. It is the fourth highest in the country and when we let’s look at the counties we track, this is New York which has an unemployment rate of 8.4%, double the national average, but around the other counties, Westchester 4.2%, the county of Suffolk and the county Nassau at 4%, so you see improvements in the out-of-town job market, ”says Caleb Silver of Investopedia.

Silver also explains that the strongest and weakest industries for hiring right now are in leisure and hospitality.

“It was the leisure and hospitality industry that also saw the biggest job losses amid the pandemic. We saw a 10% increase in leisure and hospitality jobs, but almost 30% when you look at parks and recreation and entertainment. That tells you the entertainment industry is coming back and jobs follow. Of the missing jobs, it’s construction jobs and government jobs.


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