Just Stop Oil: Essex halted after fuel shortage in Suffolk

15:18 15 April 2022

15:27 15 April 2022

Police have arrested more protesters at oil depots in South Essex as the region’s fuel shortage continues.

Essex Police confirmed 28 people were arrested on Friday following protests at the Navigator Oil Terminal at Thurrock and Grays Oil Terminal.

This brings the total number of people arrested in connection with the protests in Essex to 454.

A teenager from Thurston, near Bury St Edmunds, had previously been arrested in connection with a protest in Thurrock on April 1.

Signs are attached to the fences outside the Navigator Oil Terminal. Protests have led to fuel shortages in Suffolk
– Credit: PA

Activists from Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion blocked access to oil terminals across the country, demanding that the government stop new oil and gas projects.

But the protests have seen some forecourts run out of fuel.

Government figures revealed garages in the east of England were only 19% full with petrol at the start of the week and 23% full with diesel.

Before the Covid pandemic, they typically ran on around 40% petrol and 48% diesel.

East Anglia appears to be particularly hard hit as much of its fuel comes from refineries in South Essex, next to the Thames Estuary.

Essex Police Deputy Chief Constable Glen Pavelin said: ‘It is expected that the road network will be busy today and in the days to come as people travel and spend time with family and their friends over the holiday weekend.

“Our dedicated officers will continue to work throughout the weekend to keep Essex moving, keeping people safe and minimizing disruption to the public.

“We also continue to work closely with our colleagues at the Crown Prosecution Service to secure charges where possible.

“As demonstrated this week, if you come to Essex and engage in a disruptive and dangerous protest, we will arrest you.”

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