Is Castle Leoch in Outlander Season 1 a real place?

Castle Leoch is introduced to us in Foreign Season 1. It’s the seat of Clan MacKenzie in the story, but is it based on an actual location?

Although there are many places in Foreign which are based on actual locations, not all of them are. Of course, fans want to be able to visit the real locations, and not just the filming locations. Castle Leoch is on the minds of fans.

Castle Leoch is introduced in the first Foreign episode. Frank first takes Claire there to the 20th century, where they see what has become of the ruins. When Claire goes back to the 18th century, she ends up seeing the castle in perfect working order. It is the seat of Clan MacKenzie with Colum in charge.

Is Castle Leoch a real location in Outlander?

Castle Leoch itself is not a real place. The name of the castle is fictional and the filming location is Doune Castle.

Doune Castle is located in Stirling, approximately 23 miles northwest of Culross. It’s not in the area where the MacKenzie clan would have been.

The MacKenzie clan itself is a real clan. There was a castle which served as the seat of the lord. This castle was known as Castle Leod and was originally given to John of Killin, 10th Chief of Clan MacKenzie after his fight at the Battle of Flodden. The castle then passed along the MacKenzie Line.

There was a feud between the MacKenzies and the MacLeods. Ultimately, Sir Roderick MacKenzie married Margaret MacLeod to end the feud and keep the castle in MacKenzie’s hands.

The real castle still exists and is still lived in. In the 19th century the Hay-Mackenzies renovated the castle and then a watertight roof was added in 1992. The Earl of Cromartie now makes the castle his home, and it is available to guests. public on limited days if you want to add it to your Foreign round.

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