Future 50: Suffolk office renovations reflect pandemic recovery


Suffolk-based businesses are showing that businesses in the East are growing in confidence.

The Future 50 program is supported by partner companies
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Some companies can provide an indication of the health of the economy at large. When ushers are busy times must be tough; but as we emerge from the Covid pandemic, the activity of Source One Consulting office renovation and redevelopment specialists suggests that the business community is feeling confident again.

“When the pandemic started, I was worried,” admits founder Pat Lewis. “You spend 20 years building your business and then you wonder what’s going to happen to it. It was shocking – it was a shock to everyone. But then calm down and look at where your opportunities are, as a ‘business. “

The Source One Consulting team of Pat Lewis with his stepdaughter Chloe and his wife Lisa

The Source One Team: Pat Lewis with (left) stepdaughter Chloe and (right) wife Lisa
– Credit: Source One Consulting

The family business, based in Ipswich with an administrative base in Royston in Herfordshire, specializes in the design, layout and renovation of offices. She can procure and provide everything necessary for the renovation of the premises or the success of a move to new offices.

“I realized that if people were to downsize, we have an opportunity – because wherever they go they will likely need to be reconfigured to suit their business. If people grow, it’s the same, ”Lewis said. “So the first few months of the pandemic were a shock, but we still had projects going, working with a lot of ‘core’ clients, which meant we could keep going. ”

Business remained slow during the first lockdown, but started to pick up from October – and now Source One is, according to Mr Lewis, busier than ever. But is it busy with office downsizing – or expansions?

Source One Consulting Covid Screen Repair

If Covid Screens Are Needed As Part Of A Retrofit, Source One Offers A Range Of Options
– Credit: Source One Consulting

“I would say 75% of the companies we deal with want to expand and move to new, bigger premises,” says Lewis. “I don’t know if it’s a regional issue. London is the same. .

Source One works nationwide – with clients from Newcastle to Yeovil – but the majority of its clients are in the East. “And most of our customers want to grow, grow their business … that’s a positive,” Lewis says.

Source Once Consulting desk design with height adjustable desk

Need a flexible workspace – including height adjustable desks? Source One can take this into account in the design of the office
– Credit: Source One Consulting

“We’ve worked with companies where people will continue to work from home, but then move into a more agile work environment,” he adds. “These need to be approached differently. We need to provide more open spaces for staff to mingle – landing zones that are not so closed where staff feel “safe”.

“This is such a strange time, our advice is, if you don’t have to rush to change offices, don’t rush. Give it a year, because the changes you make now won’t be. maybe not needed in 12 months’ time when the world can hopefully get back to normal – and then you might want to change it again. So why spend money twice if you don’t. do not need?

“It’s important to us,” says Lewis. “As a family business, we don’t work on commission, it’s not about how much money we make – it’s doing the right thing for the customer. “

Custom meeting table Source One Consulting

This meeting room renovation included a custom hi-tech table with air chargers for each person, hidden fold-out sockets and LED lighting underneath
– Credit: Source One Consulting

This may mean undertaking feasibility studies for office moves, determining if a potential space is truly suitable for a client. “We have sometimes looked at three or even four buildings,” Mr. Lewis said. “We don’t charge for that – I see it as a relationship factor.

“If you don’t build these relationships, things don’t happen,” he concludes. Now things are moving, with clients in all industries. As businesses in the region grow, relocate and renovate their offices, Source One will continue to be busy.

For more information see www.sourceoneconsulting.co.uk

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