FRIDAY PREP ROUNDUP: Newton’s football earns its first victory with a win over Casey-Westfield; Windsor Stewardson-Strasburg Baseball defeats St. Anthony | local sports


Newton 11, Casey Westfield 8

Newton defeated Casey-Westfield, 11-8, in a Little Illini Conference game in Week 2.

Max Meinhart threw for a touchdown and completed 7 of 15 passes for 124 yards in the Eagles victory.

Parker Wolf caught seven passes for 126 yards and a touchdown in the game, helping a passing offense that needed explosiveness after a tough week for the backfield.

Newton had just 28 yards on 24 carries.

As for the defensive side of football, Riley Hart finished with 10 tackles, one tackle for loss and one sack.

Gus Bierman and Meyer Tarr finished second on the team with six tackles, with Bierman adding two tackles for the loss. Braxton Griffith and Dominik Utley had five tackles – Utley with three tackles for loss – and Cole Elmore and Jacob Wickham had four tackles. Elmore had two sacks and Wickham had a sack and two tackles for loss.

Overall, the Eagles defense totaled 61 tackles, 12 tackles for loss and six sacks.


Windsor Stewardson-Strasburg 6, St. Anthony 4

Windsor Stewardson-Strasburg beat St. Anthony, 6-4, on Friday.

The Hatchets scored one in first, two in third, one in fifth and two in sixth.

Austin Wittenberg hit three singles for WSS (6-1, 4-1 National Trail Conference). Tyler Wetherell hit two singles and had an RBI. Jordan Wittenberg singled and had three RBIs. Carter Chaney hit a single. Jackson Gurgel hit a single. Ben Bridges singled and Rhett Rincker had an RBI.

Kendall Morris and Jordan Wittenberg pitched for the Hatchets. Morris pitched 3 2/3 innings and allowed three hits, four earned runs and five walks with three strikeouts; Wittenberg pitched 3 1/3 innings and had three strikeouts.

As for the Bulldogs, they scored one in first, one in third and two in fourth.

Brock Fearday hit a single and home run and had an RBI for St. Anthony (10-1, 3-1 National Trail Conference). Eli Levitt singled and had two RBIs, and Aiden Lauritzen had an RBI.

Fearday and Nick Ruholl pitched for the Bulldogs. Fearday pitched five innings and allowed six hits, two earned runs and three walks with four strikeouts; Ruholl pitched an inning and allowed three hits and two earned runs.

Teutopolis 11, Odin Patoka Sandoval 1

Teutopolis defeated Odin Patoka Sandoval, 11-1, on Friday.

The Wooden Shoes scored three in first, five in second, one in fifth and two in sixth.

Caleb Siemer hit a single and a double and had two RBIs for Teutopolis (3-4). Mitch Koester hit a single. Conner Siemer hit a single. Ben Goeckner doubled and had three RBIs. Caleb Bloemer doubled and had an RBI. Brett Kreke singled and had an RBI, and Bennet Thompson had an RBI.

Logan Lawson and Zac Niebrugge pitched for the Wooden Shoes. Lawson pitched five innings and allowed two hits, no earned runs and a walk with seven strikeouts; Niebrugge pitched an inning and allowed a hit with two strikeouts.

Altamont 14, Dieterich 4

Altamont beat Dieterich, 14-4, on Friday.

The Indians scored two runs in first, five in second, one in fourth, four in sixth and two in seventh.

Nathan Stuemke hit three singles and had an RBI for Altamont (5-2, 2-2 National Trail Conference). Mason Robinson hit a single and a double and had an RBI. Wyatt Phillips hit two singles and had three RBIs. Eli Miller hit two singles and had an RBI. Logan Cornett hit two singles and had an RBI. Keegan Schultz hit a single. Carter Siebert hit a single. Dillan Elam hit a single and had an RBI. Aden McManaway had an RBI and Keinon Eirhart had one.

Jared Hammer and McManaway pitched for the Indians. Hammer pitched six innings and allowed four hits, two earned runs and four walks with five strikeouts; McManaway pitched an inning and had two strikeouts.

As for the Movin’ Maroons, they scored two points in the first and two in the second.

Noah Dill hit a single and a double and had an RBI for Dieterich (6-4, 2-3 National Trail Conference). Garrett Niebrugge singled and Andrew Hall singled and had two RBIs.

North Clay 13, Cowden-Herrick Beecher City 3

North Clay beat Cowden-Herrick Beecher City, 13-3, on Saturday.

The Cardinals scored five runs in the first, one in the second, two in the third, two in the fifth and three in the sixth.

Alex Boose had a brace and two RBIs for North Clay (4-3-1, 2-1 National Trail Conference). Logan Fleener hit a single. Cody Zimdars hit a single and had an RBI. Gavin Hosselton singled and had three RBIs. Daniel Warren hit a double and had an RBI. Carder Walden had an RBI and Ayden Jones had one.

Walden, Jack Compton and Zimdars pitched for the Cardinals. Walden recorded no outings and allowed two hits, two earned runs and three walks; Compton pitched four innings and allowed one hit and one walk with seven strikeouts, and Zimdars pitched two innings and allowed two hits and two walks with five strikeouts.

As for the Bobcats, they scored two runs in the first and one in the fifth.

Conner Nowitzke hit two singles for CHBC (0-4, 0-2 National Trail Conference). Carson Evans singled and doubled, and Clayton Wojcik singled and had an RBI.

South Central 11, Brownstown St. Elmo 0

South Central beat Brownstown St. Elmo, 11-0, on Friday.

The Cougars scored two runs in the third and nine in the fifth.

Chase Thompson had two hits for South Central (7-1, 3-0 National Trail Conference). Aidan Dodson had one. Ethan Watwood had two, including a double. Andrew Magnus had one. Calaway Smith had one, a double. Maddox Robb had one and Brody Markley had one.

Dodson pitched for the Cougars. He pitched five innings and walked two with six strikeouts.

As for the Bombers (4-4, 0-3 National Trail Conference), Wyatt Stine and Josiah Maxey tied.

Adam Atwood pitched for BSE. He pitched 4 1/3 innings and allowed six runs, eight hits and two walks with five strikeouts.


Ramsey 177, Altamont 179

Altamont fell to Ramsey, 177-179, on Friday.

Avery Jarhaus shot a final round of 33. Tyler Ruffner shot a 45. Zeke Rippetoe shot a 48 and Daniel McCammon shot a 53.

The two scores that didn’t count were Charlie Goeckner’s 59 and Justin Kollmann’s.

Altamont also sent two participants. Sophia Pearcy shot a 62 and Gabby Weishaar shot a 72.

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