Exercise and eating habits that helped Queen Elizabeth live to be 96

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND – FEBRUARY 26: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II stops to meet and greet people as she walks to Waitemata Plaza in the Viaduct Harbor during her visit to Auckland on Tuesday. The Queen is in New Zealand for a five-day official visit, her 10th to the country. (Photo by Dean Purcell/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-serving monarch in British history and she was the world’s longest-serving head of state when she died peacefully on Thursday aged 96. While her official duties had been reduced in her final years, the Queen worked until her death, even going so far as to meet new British Prime Minister Liz Truss on Tuesday.

Not just living, but working and maintaining an active lifestyle into the mid-90s means Her Majesty was doing some things right to keep her so healthy. She had COVID in February 2022 but overcame it and due to her health and well-being had only been hospitalized for three brief visits over the past two decades. A balanced diet, regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight all contributed to her long healthy life, and these were the habits she was known to follow.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully

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