Drought conditions continue to ease in Minnesota

UNDATED — Our recent rains have helped ease the drought in central and southern Minnesota.

US Drought Watch

US Drought Watch

Thursday’s weekly update from the US Drought Monitor says 21% of the state is still abnormally dry, up from 27% last week.

The state’s area listed as experiencing moderate drought is 10%, down from 13% last week.

And the area affected by severe drought remains the same at 2%.

Here in St. Cloud, we’ve officially had 3.71 inches of rain so far this month, which is 0.65 inches above normal. During the summer months of June, July and August we had 11.35 inches of rain, which is 0.94 inches above normal. Year to date we have had 25.10 inches of precipitation, which is 5.42 inches above normal.

The driest part of the state continues to be the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, descending the Minnesota River Valley to Mankato and then to Marshall in southwestern Minnesota.

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