Councilors set to discuss introduction of free parking at Callander parking lot



Free parking at one location in Callander should be part of the discussions between councilors.

Stirilng Council Environment and Housing Advisor Councilor Jim Thomson has agreed to meet with Trossachs and Teith Ward Conservative Councilor Martin Earl to learn more about the suggestion.

At a Stirling Council plenary meeting last Thursday, Councilor Earl asked the organizer when an initial period of free parking would be introduced at the parking lot at Callander’s Station Road.

However, Councilor Thomson responded: “A program of community parking management plans developed by the community has been followed, although this has been delayed, recognizing the need for effective consultation.

“Callander Community Parking Management Planning (CPMP) development has not officially started, although council officers have tentatively engaged the community over the past year on specific issues. It is expected that the process will start at the end of this year.

“Once the formal commitment associated with the Callander plan is initiated, consideration of parking options for Callander can be discussed.

“Thanks to existing discussions, agents are not yet aware of a community proposal to consider a period of free parking, but once that engagement begins, all options will be considered. “

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Councilor Earl said: “I know the officers say they are not aware of any requests from the community, but there have been in the past.

“With the much delayed parking management plan, once it’s in place, it will take a tremendous amount of time, especially for Callander.

“I would like to request a specific meeting with you to discuss this in more detail and hopefully be able to explain how we can advocate for something to be done outside of the management plan process. “

Councilor Thomson said he would be happy to meet with Councilor Earl.


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