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Registered deeds

East Penn Township

Daniel DeAngelo to Megan Markulics, 2348 E. Lizard Creek Road, Lehighton, property at 2348 E. Lizard Creek Road, $251,000.

Franklin Township

Agnes A. Kunkle at 4735 Long Run LLC, Newtown, two packages, $512,500.

Keith Meyers to Kacie Smalley, 72 Penn St., Lehighton, property at 72 Penn St., $179,900.

Shirley M. House at Shirley M. House, 140 Penn St., Lehighton, property at 140 Penn St., $1.

Sheak Ripon to Salima Khatun, 905 Green St., Lehighton, property at 905 Green St., $1.

Dennis W. Schaeffer to Dennis W. Schaeffer, 1724 Indian Hill Road, Lehighton, property at 1724 Indian Hill Road, and on Indian Hill Road, $1.

Alex W. Cormier, 795 Main Road, Lehighton, property at 795 Main Road, $135,530.

Troy M. Green at Troy M. Green, 1930 Forest Inn Road, Palmerton, property at 50 Briar St., $1.

Jim Thorpe

Jason A. Smith to Luz Monica Vega, 324 North St., Jim Thorpe, property at 324 North St., $200,000.

Craig Feuerstein to Thomas A. Chapman II, 3 Nature’s Way, Jim Thorpe, Alpine Acres Lot 15, $25,000.

Gerald T. Marcozzi to Marion Gavinovich, 528 South Ave., Jim Thorpe, property at 528 South Ave., $150,000.

Eddie Garcia II at Eddie Garcia II, Angola, New York, property at 513 South Ave., $1.

Matthew T. Neast at Thomas C. Neast, 12 Chestnut Ave., Jim Thorpe, property at 105 Center Ave., $1.

James J. Carroll to James J. Carroll, 19 E. 13th St., Jim Thorpe, property at 527 Lehigh St., $1.

Township of Kidder

Bernadetta McCarthy to HK PA ​​Properties LLC, Jackson, New Jersey, property on Stream Drive, $8,000.

Susan Eckert to Thomas J. Peterson, Iselin, New Jersey, lots 331 and 332, Pocono Mountain Lake, $20,000.

Gerald J. Donnini to Gerald Taylor Real Estate Holdings LLC, Jupiter, Florida, property on Lake Drive, Lake Harmony, $8,491.50.

Roger Eugene Gerhard to Albert Orsini, 309 Golden Oaks Drive, White Haven, property at 309 Golden Oaks Drive, $329,900.

Michael J. Szlachta to Anthony Tartaro, 46 ​​Chestnut Road, Lake Harmony, property at 21 Chestnut Road, Lake Harmony, $642,500.

Live Love Lake LLC to LunaHoldings LLC, 41 S. Lake Drive, Lake Harmony, property at 41 S. Lake Drive, $275,000.

Mariann Tuminia to Corwin Roth, Yardley, property at Chestnut and Hemlock Roads, Lake Harmony, $50,000.

Emily D. Lightfoot to Powley LLC, Mountain Top, Unit 4009, Building 28, Stage 2, Phase 1, Laurelwoods, $556,000.

Nancy Gratz to AFI Holdings LLC, West Caldwell, New Jersey, property at 140 S. Lake Drive, Lake Harmony, $850,000.

Daegyun Kim to Martin T. Nicoll, Jersey City, New Jersey, property at 54 Pineknoll Drive, Lake Harmony, $440,000.

Joan A. Curry to Lisandra Florek, Hillsborough, New Jersey, property at 89 Greenwood Road, Lake Harmony, $236,599.24.

Sparango Perkiomen Associates LP to Michael Hashemian, Collegeville, Lot 26, Section G-1, Split Rock, $180,000.

William Gustavson to William Gustavson, Lindenhurst, New York, property at 73 Warbler Court, Lake Harmony, $1.

Bettimarie Small to Glenn Spalding, Lansdale, estate on Pinebrook Drive, Lake Harmony, $11,000.

Edward Charkles Bullen to Steven Alessandrini, Flanders, New Jersey, property at 89 Wildbriar Court, Lake Harmony, $505,000.

Brianna Marie Villani to Vivek Purushottam, Warrington, property at 37 Summit Wind Drive, Lake Harmony, $525,000.

Gina M. Mateka at Gina M. Mateka, Sewell, New Jersey, property at 35 Split Rock Road, Lake Harmony, $1.

Arthur R. Bossler to Zachary Silverman, Wyncote, estate at 5 Lookout Point, Lake Harmony, $680,000.


Waterfall Investments Corporation at Caromil Assets LLC, 846 Blakeslee Blvd. Drive E., Lehighton, property at 362 W. Abbott St., $28,500.

C & JS Realty LLC to Susquehanna River Rentals LLC, Bird In Hand, property at 201 E. Kline Ave., $245,000.

Retreat Property Management LLC to Susquehanna River Rentals LLC, Bird In Hand, property located at 231-233 E. Ridge St., $210,000.

Canton of Lausanne

Andrea Lesko to Harold J. Pudliner Jr., 245 N. Stagecoach Road, Weatherly, property at 215 N. Stagecoach Road, $1.

James R. Martini at James Martini, 100 White Pine Drive, Weatherly, property at 100 White Pine Drive, $1.

Township of Lehigh

Dana Grim at Dana Grim, Allentown, property at 959 Pine Ave., Weatherly, $1.

Glenn A. Miller to Nicholas Miller, 88 Miller Lane, Weatherly, 10,126 acres, S. Lehigh Gorge Drive, $35,131.50.

Michael William Hadzick IV to Brian O’Donnell, 635 North St., Jim Thorpe, property at 1516 S. Lehigh Gorge Drive, $275,000.


Peter Sanders to Piotr Kesesk, 250 Plantation Drive, Lehighton, property at 252-254 S. Seventh St., $186,000.

TNT RE Holdings LLC to Dakota S. Bunting, 12 Second Ave., Lehighton, property at 12 Second Ave., $165,000.

Thomas E. Silvanek to Claire M. Bruch, 251 N. Second St., Lehighton, property at 251-253 N. Second St., $123,000.

Dolores M. Hontz to Timothy P. Hontz, Reisterstown, Md., property at 1049 Coal St., $1.

James Grover to Steven Farr, 720 Iron St., Lehighton, property at 720 Iron St., $179,000.

Byron D. Schnell to Aurel Cirstea, 5020 Best Station Road, Slatington, property at 611 Mahoning St., $125,000.

Carbon County Sheriff to US Bank NA, Fort Mill, SC, property at 414 S. Ninth St., $12,600.74.

Lower Township of Towamensing

Kyle Guedes to Troy A, Bollinger, 181 Penn St., Lehighton, property on Fireline Road, $56,000.

Cylde Brian Peffer to Panamint Farm LLC, Mineral, Va., property at 1810 Lower Smith Gal Road, Kunkletown, $1,250,000.

Corazon E. Feltham to Davis Stoner, Newton, New Jersey, property at 4430 Little Gap Road, $70,000.

Troy M. Green to Troy M. Green, 1930 Forest Inn Road, Palmerton, two transactions, properties on Hahn’s Dairy and Forest Inn roads, $1 each.

Mahoning Township

Martha Oschipko Hebert to Victoria G. Feller, 39 Dowbush Road, Lehighton, property on Rohach Avenue, $26,000.


Mildred A. Lempa to Julia A. Barwis, Churchville, property at 15 Hemlock Drive, $1.

Jason Farrell to Black Creek Junction Consulting Investing and Acquisitions LLC, 341-343 W. Catawissa St., Nesquehoning, property at 341-343 W. Catawissa St., $150,000.

Packer Township

Earl Titus to Rosalie Titus, 3562 Quakake Road, Weatherly, property at 3562 Quakake Road, $1.

Ronald D. Shofran to Brad Shofran, 1597 Hudson Drive, Weatherly, property at 1597 Hudson Drive, $1.


Salvador Rios at Ricardo Roos, 28 Lafayette Ave., Palmerton, property at 28 Lafayette Ave., $1.

Damitrious Rivera to Rhianna Rivera, 380 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, property at 380 Lehigh Ave., $1.


Bruce T. Koch at Bruce T. Koch, 1244 Cherry Hill Road, Palmerton, property at 1244 Cherry Hill Road, $1.

Township of Penn Forest

Joseph Gioia to Jason Jefremow, Netherlands, Lot 161 Hopi Road, $8,750.

Janice Lopopolo to Cameron Swink, 123 Shawnee Trail, Albrightsville, property at 123 Shawnee Trail, $174,900.

Northeast Investment Group Inc. to Carolyn Suess, Delanco, New Jersey, property on Old Stage Road, $20,000.

Arthur J. Diaz to Maria Diaz, Harrisburg, property on Woods Road, $30,000.

Jack Pezzano to Todd Evans, Kutztown, Towamensing Trails Lot V-1690, Section EV, $16,600.

Lorina J. Tumillo to Edward J. Hamilton, Ridley Park, Lot V1558, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $14,000.

Joseph. Renshaw to SVC Properties LLC, PO Box 197, Albrightsville, property at 12 Ransom Circle, Albrightsville, $100,000.

Thomas J. Cannalley Jr. to L & S Vacation Rentals LLC, Garnet Valley, property at 176 Sassafras Road, Albrightsville, $230,000.

Zina Kotlyar to DRB Real Estate LLC, Annville, Towamensing Trails Lot V-973, Section EV, $10,000.

Paul Donnelly to Nataj Alyx Chynelle Stirling, Sound Beach, New York, Towamensing Trails Lot V-1110, Section EV, $5,300.

William Christopher Lippert to Rachel Gurule, 66 Navajo Trail, Albrightsville, property at 66 Navajo Trail, $144,000.

Roy R. Wasch to Philip F. Sharp, 22 Hickory Run Lane, Jim Thorpe, property at 22 Hickory Run Lane, $160,000.

Carol A. Schley to Carol A. Schley, 72 Chesapeake Trail, Albrightsville, property at 72 Chesapeake Trail, $1.

John Dijohn to Allison L. Riley, 28 Recreation Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 28 Recreation Drive, $255,000.

Everett Tompkins to Jason Corrente, Hammonton, New Jersey, estate at 63 Mountain Road, Albrightsville, $205,000.

Thomas R. Wrenn Jr. to Jolt Investment Group LLC, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., property at 81 Narragansett Trail, Albrightsville, $305,000.

Joseph Seemiller to Lorraine F. Justine, Newark, Delaware, Hickory Run Forest Lot 235, Section A, $3,500.

Vincent Miceli to Jeffrey C. Trewella, Kennett Square, property at 116 Petrarch Trail, Albrightsville, $188,000.

Stanley A. Fiedor Jr. to Joseph E. Laschenski III, Harleysville, estate at 1350 Bishop Circle, Albrightsville, $302,500.

Mary J. Carrano to Mary F. Kelley, Indian Rocks Beach, Fla., property at 205 Grouse Trail, Albrightsville, $120,000.

Jaime Garcia Jr. to Daniel McCormac, Akron, property at 292 McKuen Way, Albrightsville, $340,000.

Kevin P. Blaisse to Mark McClaine, Bristol, property at 728B Towamensing Trail, Albrightsville, $6,500.

Joseph A. Falco to Robert Moses Folk, Lincoln University, property at 297 Mountain View Drive, $233,000.

John C. Koehler at John C. Koehler, 92 Sunset Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 92 Sunset Drive, $1.

Garry E. Palumbo to David Alexander Davis Booth, Philadelphia, property at 118 Coyote Drive, $100,000.

Richard J. Lipson to Bing He, Hockessin, Delaware, Lot V1039, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $23,000.

summit hill

Thomas J. Ferrence at 44 Mauch Chunk LLC, 101 Industrial Drive, Nesquehoning, property at 7-9 W. Ludlow St., $175,000.

Frances Seagrave to Frances Seagrave, Allamuchy, New Jersey, property at 43 W. Walter St., $1.

Cama Self Directed IRA to 2J2M LLC, Myerstown, property on Stoney Lonesome Road, $825,000.

Edward Kanick at Edward Kanick, 330 E. Holland St., Summit Hill, property on Laurel Drive, $1.

Township of Towamensing

Rocco Barile to Susan Selvaggio, 25 Halina Way, Kunkletown, property at 25 Halina Way, $520,000.

Justin Carlson to Jeffrey Hutchinson, 680 Carney Road, Palmerton, Henny Penny Farms Lot 17A, Section A, $77,500.

Troy M. Green at Troy M. Green, 1930 Forest Inn Road, Palmerton, property at 1930 Forest Inn Road, $1.

Troy M. Green to Rita M. Green, 270 Snyder Road, Palmerton, property at 270 Snyder Road, $1.

Weather report

Carbon County Sheriff to MEB REO Trust IV, Greenwood Village, Colorado, property at 195 Hudsondale St., $22,286.08.

Sarah C. Dagostin to Mary D. Gudoski, 277 Hudsondale St., Weatherly, property at 277 Hudsondale St., $125,000.

Joseph A. Chyko to Christy Lynn Chyko, 909A North St., Weatherly, Quadriplex Unit 8B, $1.

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