Callander’s abandoned car has finally been removed after being left for seven months

A long-abandoned car was finally removed from a handicapped bay in Callander this week after a saga described as ‘complete farce’.

The weary residents of Callander went so far as to decorate the vehicle with love hearts for Valentine’s Day and adorn it with fairy lights for Christmas to draw attention to their plight.

But the car, abandoned in the parking lot outside the city post office since last September, has now been towed away.

Residents had been calling for the vehicle to be removed for months, fearing it could cause safety issues for disabled motorists.

The car is believed to have been left behind on Station Road since September 20, 2021.

Desperate locals appealed to Stirling Council and Police Scotland to remove the neglected engine, but both claimed they lacked the powers to remove the car.

Road tax for the vehicle ran out earlier this month, and police and council are said to have pushed the DVLA into getting involved, with Trossachs and Teith Tory councilor Martin Earl also liaising with the DVLA.

Trossachs and Teith adviser Martin Earl said it was a relief to see the car removed

Councilor Earl said yesterday (Thursday): ‘Good riddance – and now people can access the car park just outside the post office.

“That it took six months to do this is a complete joke.

“The law and responsibilities involving situations like this need to be changed and simplified.

“Blocking a crippled bay should be reason enough for any vehicle doing it to move really fast.”

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